Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday & I'm Ready to Get it In!!!

Happy Halloween Weekend!!!

I personally, am not a huge fan of Halloween, however I can definitely appreciate those that are. I got very nostalgic just a few minutes ago when I saw children walking to school (with their parents) all dressed up. It was so darling! I can't wait to have one child to be able to dress up so she can win every contest there is in the school Halloween costume contests! Or wait, is that just a Midwest thing? Do they even do that on the Eastcoast? Eh, who knows...

I get so caught up sometimes! Moving on...Today's work out was FABULOUS! W had music playing! It reallly realllllly motivated me, if I didn't want to keep going I at least tried to stay on the off beats which was a nice little trick I played on my body. My arms are still sore from the resistance training on Wednesday but I am recovering. =) The milk definitely helps! When I tried one of those sugary protein shakes I could have vomited, milk is definitely better for me. I can't even believe I am beginning to look forward to drinking it! That just goes to show it is all about how you change your mindset.

If your mind isn't ready to make changes, your body won't have lasting results. That's just the truth of it. The same with any addiction, whether it's laziness, over eating, smoking, gambling or drinking. Of course I believe some are worse addictions than others but eh, you kinda just gotta say "Okay, I'm strong, I'm not weak and I'm going to do this". And then do it.

Anyway, I think I'm either going to make up the day I missed yesterday at 7:30am tomorrow with Boot Camp OR one of the girls invited me to her 2 hour Zumbathon at 2:30pm. Since I constantly diss Zumba (because it is purely cardio) I figure I should give it a try, well that and all of you out there in the land seem to LOVE it and I don't wanna be a party pooper and hate something I've never even tried!

Anyway, that's it for now. I can't wait til the weigh-in on Monday and I'm truly praying for a big loss.

ps. These cold days I am LOVING oatmeal for breakfast! What are your favorite kinds of oatmeal?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Hello my people!!!

To those of you who saw Biggest Loser  last night, feel free to read on. To those of you that did not, you may not want to read ahead as there may be spoilers.

When watching BL I always love to see how the person who gets sent home looks NOW! I love that most of the time they keep pushing and doing it on their own. Really opens my eyes to what we all (see: ME) can accomplish if I believe in myself. There is ONE thing that REALLY bothers me about these weight loss shows though. Spandex or Spanx (yes I own a pair and they are NOT comfortable).

Both Biggest Loser AND Thintervention are guilty of this. During the tapings leading up to the huge weight loss each contestant faces, we see them in sports bras, spandex shorts, the guys with their shirts completely off. (I would never do this, you couldn't pay me enough). Anyway, then, on the finale, all of a sudden when weighing in they all get to wear shirts? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So they lose all the weight and then they can cover up their flab? OH, I get why they do this, they also make them wear spanx to hold all of the fat in to make the weight loss look more significant than it is. I find this such an injustice, I can't even stress it fully. Anyway, this is why today at boot camp when talking with W and F I brought up how I am petrified of having lose skin.

Of course, W said I wasn't even big enough to worry about that but I don't know if I buy that. I see chicks all the time with their loose fat and I don't want that to be me. I seriously would have to consider surgery if that were the case. Dead.Ass.Serious. I don't want a belly button like Beyonce or any of those other people that have gotten tummy tucks have, but I'd rather have their belly buttons than flab. I know a ton of skinny fat people, I don't want to be that. I'd rather stay a medium size (about 40lbs away from where I am now) than be skinny fat.

Call me crazy, call me mean, say I'm rude. I don't care, it's just my opinion. Anyway, that is what worried me today.

We worked out in the rain, I ended up rating myself a 3.7 out of 5. The rain discourages me. What can I say? I still pushed myself and after only 3 in a half hours of sleep last night!

I hope you guys are enjoying your day as much as I am enjoying mine!


ps. I should add, that I AM trying to be more confident. I don't even know if I'll have flab. I am working out so that I DON'T! That's all I can do. Pray and be confident in my skins ability to snap back. Good stuff. They say black don't crack! I got most of my genes from my dad, although I still say my mother is the prettiest woman I ever met. =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Working Out!

Today was absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE working out in Lincoln Park! I actually prefer it over the downtown area. I love running on the track and also the people in that area are a ton friendlier! AND you don't have to deal with busy people on their way to work while staring you down!

Needless to say, today was a good day =) I don't have much time so let me just write that we did the bleachers! I HATE the bleachers, usually I do two and call it a day. Today, thanks to F! I pushed myself and did them with everyone else. Felt good, AFTER it was over =)

I absolutely abhor burpees. I think they are the worst of the worst. It's like get down, kick out and stand up, oh and do it all over and over and over again! It's just too much work for my lazy ass and I'd rather stay in one spot working out =). I did them but with MUCH chagrin. It's going to take awhile before I get used to those. Like I said, I'm lazy. =)

I know I promised you all pictures today but (and this could be TMI, so look no further if you hate TMI) my lady friend came for a visit and um, I'm totally bloated and kind of miserable so I will be refusing to post pictures until next Monday. =) So that means on weigh-in day you guys will have the knowledge of what I gained AND new updated before and after pictures to prove it! Oh joy!

Anyway lovely people, I'm off...Much love and respect! Remember, take care of your bodies TODAY because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, but most importantly, it's not promised to those that are ASKING to be unhealthy!


ps. Totally excited for Biggest Loser tonight! Anyone else? 

Monday, October 25, 2010

How Did I Ever Get Through the Week?! Plus Weigh-In!

Hello lovely people!

While I'm sitting here downing my ice cold chocolate (sugar free!) skim milk, I figured I should also check in with you all. =)

Well it is the start of Week 9 of Boot camp! Hooray!

However, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I mean, literally I couldn't move. It has been 2 weeks since I last worked out with W and the girls of Boot Camp! (Last week was the off week and the week prior I was sick all but one day).

As you can tell by now, I decided to join for another cycle, the price was right AND I could always just go 3 days a week if it was raining or too cold downtown. As suggested by one of the lovely ladies of BC!

Today was hard. There were a ton of new girls (like 5 I think) and that is always a really great push! For our morning run/jog I actually came in 5th! It was amazing. I didn't smoke before I went, that always helps, and although I came in last in our regular group of girls, the new girls were behind me. It felt good. Let's hope I can keep that alive. I was SO out of breath by the end of it though.

We then moved on to doing core workouts, leg workouts and butt workouts (which I LIVE FOR because I sadly am a no-booty girl). I rated myself a 4 out of a 5 today for effort and I'm cool with that.

I forgot what I was missing. I love boot camp. I love being pushed, I love feeling energized afterward, hell...I even love the way my stomach muscles are hurting like hell right now. Because I KNOW that I DID something. It feels amazing. I wish I had an alarm clock shouting this at me when I don't feel like waking up!

Now time for the Weigh-In. I was NOT looking forward to this. I knew that the two weeks off of boot camp weren't really helping AND when I go to boot camp, I pay extra attention to what I am putting in my body because I don't want to have negative effects on the hard ass work out I just did. Needless to say it wasn't a great lost.

I lost another 0.4 this week. Which brings my total weight loss to 25.4 in ten weeks. It's really kind of a bummer. I was hoping to be down 27lbs total this week and now I know that I CAN do this. I have to. So, with the girls and trainer of boot camp behind me, and D at my side and all of you reading and supporting me, I KNOW I can get down two pounds this week! And I WILL. In fact, I may try for 3 =) Why not?

Tomorrow I will be posting before and after pictures so be on the look out for them!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello lovely readers.

Quick note on something that is really bothersome to me. I was so excited for the new cycle of boot camp which was to start next Monday. Now, I am faced with a dilemma. I cannot afford to be sick. All of the research I have done, including this:    Study on Working Out in the Cold Air . Did I mention when we work out on the pier the wind is already crucial? Not to mention we are working out in the early mornings. When I learned this morning that boot camp would continue to take place outside for at least the next 3 weeks, I was pissed to say the least.

Needless to say, I am debating whether or not I am going to join again for this session. It will be something I have to figure out and I'm not looking forward to that. Working out shouldn't be a debate. Therefore no matter what I will continue to work out, just maybe not at boot camp.

The bottom line is: I cannot afford to be sick. Can anyone these days? I already lead a full life, when I am sick, my life stops and I hate that.

Moving on...

I wanted to do something special for you all today so I'm going to give you all a few of my favorite things to eat while still being healthy!

1. I love salads as much as any vegetarian! The problem arises when it comes to dressing. I'm VERY very picky when I eat and Caesar is truly the only kind of salad dressing I like. I could make my own, but that is way too time consuming. I want to LIVE not live around eating. I found a GREAT brand! Cardini's!
They make both fat free and light caesar dressing! When I say it's good, I mean it's great!

2. While looking at websites for yummy recipes I realized most of them would be pretty bland (you can tell just by reading their comments!) If I'm going to take the time to cook, I want it to be a 5 star meal. While looking at comments along with recipes, I found a GREAT site that seemed to be the best of both worlds. It was called Gina's skinny taste. AMAZING recipes with helpful comments from people telling you what you can substitute in! For the first time ever I used spices I didn't know existed while cooking last night! I used this recipe of Gina's Gina's Chicken Enchiladas ! I'm not doing weight watchers (yet - seems easy enough so maybe as I get down lower!) But all of her recipes are weight watchers friendly. Each enchilada was only 3 points. Amazing!

3. If you hate regular skim milk but love chocolate milk and really would like to keep your protein up after working out (Remember that study I posted where I said people who drank skim milk after every work out lost more weight and gained more lean muscle than those who drank protein shakes?), why not try:
Farmland Dairies Skim Plus Chocolate Milk

It gives you 0 fat calories, only 160 regular calories! You can easily fit this into your calorie intake and it is MUCH lower than any protein shake when it comes to sugar etc. It also has 11grams of great protein! I myself purchased this last week and I love it! You can read more on the nutritional value here: Farmland Dairies Skim Plus Chocolate Milk w/ Omega 3 Nutritional Information, Big thank you to my girl Mel for recommending Farmland!
4. Thanksgiving is coming up and NO you do not have to give up everything you love! I am going to be trying a lot of recipes from Gina's Skinny Recipes but here is the Gina's Skinny Holiday Recipes page but she has thousands of other recipes as well! Just remember, if you want a piece of cake, do it in moderation!!

Well lovelies, I am off! Please let me know if you have any tips or if you've tried any of the above! I am going to try and get before and after pictures up sometime this week so be on the look out for them!


Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Back with a Vengeance! - And Weigh In!

Helloooooooo!!! I can't believe it's been so long since I last updated! I must say, in my defense, I was sick. When I am sick, to me, the entire world stops spinning and the most important part is me getting better. That involves a lot of google searches on my illness along with finding out that exercise is NOT okay when you are sick with what I had. Which was essentially the flu. Running in cold weather is already hard on your lungs, running in cold weather when you are sick? Huge NO NO! I could barely breathe when I tried!

I am now in the late stages and hoping it is fully gone by mid-week! Yay!!

With that said, let me fill you all in on the last week.

I stayed true to the course and ate appropriately. Could I have done better? Sure! Could I have done worse? Definitely! The one thing about this "lifestyle change" is that I don't want for anything. Okay, okay, I DO want fries. Man, I miss those fried greasy suckers! But when I think of what they do to my figure, I cringe.

I did NOT however, work out. At all since last Monday.

This week is our week OFF at boot camp. We start a new cycle (4 weeks) next Monday and I am totally stoked!! Hopeful that it will be inside and out of the cold air! So what am I going to do with myself this week off? I am going to kick up my eating habits a notch in hopes that I can lose at least 2lbs by next Monday!

I must admit, when I lost that 25lbs (okay 24.6 or whatever) I was really feeling myself! I mean, I was like damn I'm good! But in the grand scheme of things, 25lbs is 25lbs. My ultimate goal is way higher than that so I gotta keep pushing through! This is a lifetime commitment, not some fly by night thing I'm doing when I'm bored.

I do feel different when I don't exercise. I don't really like how lazy I feel...not sure if it was the sickness or me not working out but I'm willing to bet it is a combination of the two. So, with that said, I will repeat, I cannot WAIT for the next cycle of boot camp. I'm really going to try to up my game in boot camp as well. I'm even going to try to cut back on cigarettes to see if I can't increase my endurance. =)

I really wanted to join this Halloween 5k that Hoboken is putting on, the problem is I know I wouldn't do well and would only discourage myself BECAUSE OF MY SMOKING!

All in due time, one thing at a time...

Anyway, now to the part that you all are reading for!

I lost not nearly as much as I thought I SHOULD have but I think it had a lot to do with me being sick and...okay I hate excuses. I'm shutting up.

I lost .4 pounds. This isn't as bad as it could have been. It could have been way worse. I definitely could have done better everyday last week. So, this week is a new week and I am going to seize it!

This brings my total to a full and round 25lbs in 9 weeks. Not too shabby. Hopefully, this time next week I will be up to 27lbs down. Pray for me!

Love you all SO MUCH!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I haven't checked out of the game...

Hey All!!

Thank you for checking in on me =) I'll be back tomorrow with a new wonderful blog AS LONG AS my congestion clears up! It's been really bad all week and running in the cold isn't going to help fix that. With that said, I've been on track eating wise and I should be back in boot camp tomorrow =)

Pray for a speedier recovery than I've been having please!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Weigh In!!!

Hello all of you lovely people!

I am still under the weather so therefore this blog will probably be the shortest yet!

Friday I took off of boot camp to give my body time to recover, yet I still had a pretty busy day. Saturday I rested and Sunday I had a wedding to attend! I a piece of wedding cake! UGH! It was the smallest sliver ever and a couple bites of ice cream but I wasn't going to NOT have any. That's just not me and not how I want to live my life. ALL in MODERATION!

With that said, I still had calories left over so it didn't kill me. =)

Today at boot camp I really really did bad. I didn't feel like doing anything he told me to do. I actually hated our trainer for a few moments...for minutes...the entire hour. I was angry, sick and miserable. The cold air just amplifies it. I cannot WAIT til we are inside. If we don't go inside soon I may have to back out and do my own work outs at home. I can NOT feel this way AND work out AND go to work! Thank goodness for a day off!

With that said, here is what you've all been waiting for!

This past week I lost 2.8lbs. Not quite the 3 I was aiming for but it will do! This brings my total weight loss, 8 weeks in, to 24.6lbs. Not too shabby!

I went out this weekend and will definitely post those pics in my picture before and after thread next Monday along with the regular shots. =)

I'll also be talking more about the psyche I have been in with losing weight, clothing shopping and seeing people and how they respond to the weight loss or if they don't respond at all. My head is spinning however so I won't be doing that today.

I love you all and seriously, I'm petrified that this week I'm not going to drop anything. I don't know why but I feel like I'm gonna be stagnant this week so I HAVE to get pumped and step it up!

Tomorrow is our Boot camp's pot luck social. I'm planning on bringing some kind of wrap...maybe veggie wraps for the vegetarians and turkey wrapped in lettuce for those of us that love meat!

I know the more I lose, the more I'm going to have to strip down and count calories...I'm going to hate that.

Love you guys!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sick as a Dog...What does that even MEAN?!

So, you guessed it. I'm sick! WTF. How do I go two years without getting sick being fat and overweight and so unhealthy and then get a sore throat that is turning into a cold/flu?! The answer is beyond me.

I have a HUGE day tomorrow and really can't afford to be sick. What I also can't afford is to gain weight. Yes yes, I'm supposed to drink orange juice (ugh it's so not in my calorie intake!) and tea, and soup and all of these medicinal products but fuck me.

Right now I have soup heating up and am about to take this Cold Eeze. Apparently Cold Eeze has Zinc in it and it is supposed to help. =(

I did push through at boot camp today although I really didn't want to go and I also only rated myself a 2.8 of effort out of 5. I probably could have done better but I'm sick! It was a miracle I even went today.

Alas, tomorrow is a HUGE day for me and I'm not sure I'm going to make it to boot camp. If I am feeling better, I will definitely go. As of right now? I'm going to eat this soup and take my medicine and drink the nasty OJ and tea and then hit the bed....until I have to get up to get my eyebrows done and wash this mop of hair. =(


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Negative Nancy - AND WEIGH IN!

Unfortunately, this blog has to be done quickly. So I'm just going to touch on a few things, VERY QUICKLY.

Last night
I was unable to attend boot camp Monday morning so I made it up at the evening class (7:30pm). It was dark, rainy, windy and disgusting out. I never wanted to go to this class. I find it utterly hard to try to force yourself to do something AFTER work, which is why I chose the morning class. I still feel this way. We worked out for OVER an hour and I guess I was negative...on myself.

I stopped running because HELLO! I don't wanna fall on the slick ground and bust my ass. I'm sitting there in a class with people I've never met before and all I could think is how badly they probably thought I was doing. See, I've gotten used to my group of girls in the morning. They push me and I can help push them. I love them!

But I gotta say, one of the ladies in that evening boot camp pushed me in ways ...let's just say I'm not scared of ANY HUMAN...but she scared me into submission. I WANTED to keep going because I was frightened if I didn't she'd yell and I'd be embarassed. HA!

Anyway, needless to say, 10 hours later I was up and at em for round 2. Morning boot camp! The goose poop on the track skeeves me out. I really wish there were a cleaner environment to work out in with the same air flow, although today's air was quite cold and I didn't really enjoy that either. I'm working on being more positive and to just keep pushing through and I think I did that today.

I mentioned to the ladies that W said I was negative and they all disagreed, SO THERE! Hahahaha. But in my heart, I know I was definitely negative yesterday and probably a lot of times even in the morning boot camps. I'm DEFINITELY negative on myself.

I do have a problem though. My KNEES! They hurt, they are sore and they kill me. WTF?! I feel like an old lady. I think it HAS to be from me maybe not having all of the correct forms down when I'm doing certain exercises. I may be putting too much strain on them. I'm gonna have to start paying closer attention to that. UGH! They really are sore. =(

Well, the goal this week was to lose 4lbs. Remember? But D's birthday was this past weekend and I REALLY tried...but I did eat a few bites of cake and even a mini kit kat bar. I don't starve myself and I don't totally turn myself off of things I REALLY want. I just ask myself, is it REALLY worth it, and damn it that mini kit kat bar was TOTALLY worth it. Anyway, not so bad considering I stayed on track all freaking week and pretty much this entire time. I do have to find some cool new recipes though. I think D and I are both getting tired of the same 8 meals. =/

Anyway, last week I told you guys that I had lost a total of 18.2lbs 6 weeks into my program. Well, this is 7 weeks in and I am now down another 3.6 pounds! That brings my total to 21.8 pounds in 7 weeks!

The goal was to lose 25lbs by the end of the second boot camp cycle and I am still hoping to do that. With two more weeks left, I KNOW I can do this, but I'll need all of your support like never before.

Once I've hit my mini goal of 25lbs, the next goal is 40lbs and then 50! I know you guys are wanting to see pictures and trust, I want to see them too but I want to wait until the end of boot camp like I did last time. Besides, I'm scared there isn't a noticeable difference. =(

Anyway, I'm off, I got work to dooooooo!


Monday, October 4, 2010


Due to work that can't be avoided, I will be attending boot camp in the evening today instead of this morning.

I will update my blog after that session.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Saturday!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, it is D's birthday week/weekend and I have been planning away. I actually just came in from boot camp and woke him up with his favorite breakfast in bed (for me, 2 eggs & skim milk for me) and a cake with candles lit. He stumbled out giving me a grimace, he is so not a morning person. HA!

Anyway, so today was my first day at boot camp since Wednesday! Both Thursday AND Friday we were rained out!

W keeps telling me I have to push myself etc. It is hard! I felt like I was accomplishing something just by being there on a Saturday! My brain was playing tricks on my body. It's all in your mind set. I quickly let go of that and then pushed through.

I'm noticing major changes in my body. I am actually getting somewhat of a would be great to go out and purchase a ton of new clothes that fit me correctly because everything I own now is baggy. The problem with that is, what happens in a month or two months from now when I've lost even more? I know I'm going to have to give in eventually but usually when I buy new clothes after dropping a few pounds, I feel so good and confident in them that I quickly go back to my old habits thinking somehow Iad  won't gain the weight back. I'm not even gonna play myself this time.

In boot camp, we had to do these awful coordination things. I don't even know what to call them. They were on this ladder that I despise, basically quick feet movement. W said I was light on my feet, funny! All I could think was that I felt SO fat. And honestly, the past few days I've been feeling lighter and lighter, UNTIL I get around all the other women who are breezing through the obstacles.

One last thing before I go off to enjoy the day with my love...I HAVE KNEES. I dunno why but I'm like THRILLED with this. I've always had nice legs, or so I always thought. Besides the fact that they are pale....but over the past year my knees were harder and harder to see. I can SEE THEM! There is BONE there...and I can feel where my body has gotten firmer and firmer. I really need to work my inner thighs though. Those aren't nearly as tight as they should be in my opinion. But then again, neither is my ass. (upon re-reading this, that doesn't sound right, but I mean high and FIRM...not tight..where it concerns my buttocks. K? I hope you get it...).

Moving on....

I'm gonna keep pushing through. This weekend is going to be hard. I already told D that he had to eat ALL of his cake because I just can't risk it. I'm trying to push myself this week and get over the hurdle of losing only 1-2 pounds. I'm really hoping I can do it!

I'll let ya know if I fall, if I do, I'll tell you one thing...I won't binge. I will go back to maintaining.

Love you all!


ps. If you still haven't heard Mariah's new Christmas song "Oh Santa", LISTEN to it! Download it! AMAZINGNESS! Or..just catch me cruisin by blaring it (while D sits embarassed) all October/November/December and well into January. =)

Friday, October 1, 2010


Both today and yesterday boot camp was canceled due to inclement weather. I'm not happy but I'm safe. Ha!

I am going to do some work outs at home tonight but I much rather prefer boot camp. I'll be going to tomorrow's session as long as it isn't raining and it gets canceled.

On another note, I don't have much to report besides the things you all already know. Including that the goal this week was 4lbs (We'll know on Monday if I reach that). I'm trying to get over the hump of only 2lbs a week!

This weekend is D's birthday so it's going to be tough!

To add some cheer to all of you, here is a link to the MOST AMAZING SONG EVER! Mariah's new Christmas song off of her unreleased new Christmas album. Mariah Carey - Oh Santa

If ya want the lyrics, just ask =)

Santa won't ya come and make him mine this Christmas...