Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A lottttt going on in my life right now! Including, me joining a gym!

Davis and I have finally joined the same gym and I will definitely keep you guys updated on that and all of the classes they offer! It's time for me to move on and spread my wings for a bit, as my disdain of the way Boot Camp handled the challenge and how the fitness testing was done really got to me and pissed me off. I had to accept that and move on. It got me so far and now I have to go even further and I have got to venture out and see how certified trainers teach and influence! I want to learn all I can!

I have GOT to shake these last 23lbs before the summer hits! I don't care if I have to work out 2-4 hours a day 5x a week to get there!

Motivation was lacking, especially since my personal life took over and I had to deal with all of the issues there. Fortunately, I've gotten really good at maintaining and gained nothing during that time. Hopefully I can drop a pound or two by next Monday and let you guys know my official weigh-in numbers, which WILL be posted on Monday so stay tuned for that blog.

As of Monday, I will be back to regularly updating and all that jazz and soooo I look forward to sharing the stats and updates with you all!!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Challenge and DEFINITELY a New Day.

So, hello!

It's taken me a minute to write because I've been trying to let my anger subside so that the words that come through aren't harsh or filled with venom or bitterness. =)

As many of you know, I placed 2nd in the BC Challenge. Happy? No. The thing is, when the challenge began, had I been smart and just wanted to WIN and NOT improve myself, I would have "played possum" AND/OR done my planks and push-ups on my knees. NOT wanting to do that and wanting to push myself I chose to do both on my feet in the "Male" form.

When you do those types of exercises on your knees you are able to pull in MANY more reps. For instance, I had Davis test me AFTER the challenge ended to see where I would have placed.

When doing planks on my knees I got 6minutes and 13 seconds. Whereas in the challenge when I did them in "male" form, I got 2 minutes.

When doing push-ups on my knees I got 54. Whereas in the challenge when I did them in "male" form, I did 28. These were as many as you could do in under a minute without stopping.

Not to mention when I was doing my sit-ups the mat kept falling back and forth and really messed up my groove. I was exerting so much energy just pulling the mat back to me, I should have brought my OWN mat. But alas, that was MY FAULT.

Needless to say, the judging didn't give anyone extra points for doing a male version or female version nor were we all doing the same thing. The person who came in front of me, did do her exercises on her knees.

Alas, I cannot be mad anymore. I am disappointed in myself for not THINKING but my overall results, the inches I lost, the weight I lost, etc far outweigh that. And I did it ON MY OWN. As my friend F said the other day, No one sets my alarm clock for me, no one cooks my dinner or measures out my breakfast, no one counts my calories for me and NO ONE but ME forces me to get up, get out and DO something.

In fact, I think it's time to "graduate" from BC. When I first started BC I started there because I needed the accountability AND I wanted to be in a place where I could feel comfortable around other women. At the gym, I felt overweight and hated it not to mention I could barely drag myself there.

Boot Camp has taught me SO much but I have GOT to start trying other things! Fitness IS a way of life now and when I was home in Illinois I saw how far I've come. I was teaching my family AND people at the gym what THEY should do. It was amazing. I have read SO much on everything that I feel I need to take advantage of all of my knowledge. Not to mention, I want to see what different trainers have to offer in my area.

So, I won 3 months free of BC. I'm probably going to use them all up and in the meantime I'm going to be looking at different gyms in the area. I already have a few classes lined up with other girls in the class. BC has been a blessing to me on so many levels!

So, I have 3 months to get down to my goal weight (or within 5 pounds of it) and I'm PRAYING I can reach it! I have to push myself pretty hard to get there because I know that these next few weeks of getting competely back on track won't be easy.

We start a new cycle of BC next week and I'm going to go and do the work. =) Also hitting up a few gym classes in between those days!

As far as this last week has gone, I let the challenge get me down and out and I shouldn't have. I have maintained but I have not lost any and that stops NOW.

I wanted to hit goal within a year. Once I saw that it was coming off a bit faster then I anticipated, I changed that to May 31st 2011. That would give me a little over 13 weeks to lose 25lbs. I would LOVE to do it.'s me going for it!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nervous...& Weigh-In

It's Tuesday and I'm nervous. The challenge is over as of Saturday.

Here's how it goes. Saturday we weigh-in, get our final measurements taken and then we have fitness testing. I MUST IMPROVE ON FITNESS TESTING! I know my measurements will be good/better, I think my weight should be fine and it's the FITNESS TESTING I must improve on. This is the part that scares me because I am in competition with NO ONE BUT MYSELF. All I have to do is improve upon MY numbers more then anyone else improves on theirs. Easy right? No!

Anyway, it's gotten to the point where I can barely sleep at night because I am SUCH a competitor I just dream up ways to win. Like literally running through numbers in my head. It's sick. UGH!

Moving on before I go postal, GREAT work out today. It truly was killer. The camera man was back today and I really enjoy him, he's a good spirit so it's easy to talk to him but man was it a horrid hair day. I would post the last video from the start of the challenge but I looked a hot mess so that is gonna have to wait til I see how I look in this one. I believe that both videos will be combined and shown at our potluck which is Saturday where the winners of the 1st ever Boot Camp Fitness Challenge will be announced!

Speaking of the awards ceremony, D is coming! Haha, it will be his first time meeting our trainer and a lot of my BC girls! I'm kind of excited for that. He and my mother have been my BIGGEST cheerleaders. In fact, my mother called me last night and gave me that whole "you're already a winner, look how far you've come" speech when I was freaking out. D just tells me I can do anything I put my mind to, thing is, he really believes it. He truly believes in me and I guess just thinks, eh, she'll do it. He's so laid back and perfect for my high strung self. It's sickening, truly, we are a really sickening PDA couple. No, really.

On that note, I'm going to tell you my weigh-in numbers.

I lost 2lbs this week bringing me to a total of 57.8lbs lost in 28 weeks. 26lbs to go! Let's GO!!!!!

Sidebar: If you haven't read last weeks blog yet, please do! Pictures are in the post as well and it's one of my faves!