Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nervous...& Weigh-In

It's Tuesday and I'm nervous. The challenge is over as of Saturday.

Here's how it goes. Saturday we weigh-in, get our final measurements taken and then we have fitness testing. I MUST IMPROVE ON FITNESS TESTING! I know my measurements will be good/better, I think my weight should be fine and it's the FITNESS TESTING I must improve on. This is the part that scares me because I am in competition with NO ONE BUT MYSELF. All I have to do is improve upon MY numbers more then anyone else improves on theirs. Easy right? No!

Anyway, it's gotten to the point where I can barely sleep at night because I am SUCH a competitor I just dream up ways to win. Like literally running through numbers in my head. It's sick. UGH!

Moving on before I go postal, GREAT work out today. It truly was killer. The camera man was back today and I really enjoy him, he's a good spirit so it's easy to talk to him but man was it a horrid hair day. I would post the last video from the start of the challenge but I looked a hot mess so that is gonna have to wait til I see how I look in this one. I believe that both videos will be combined and shown at our potluck which is Saturday where the winners of the 1st ever Boot Camp Fitness Challenge will be announced!

Speaking of the awards ceremony, D is coming! Haha, it will be his first time meeting our trainer and a lot of my BC girls! I'm kind of excited for that. He and my mother have been my BIGGEST cheerleaders. In fact, my mother called me last night and gave me that whole "you're already a winner, look how far you've come" speech when I was freaking out. D just tells me I can do anything I put my mind to, thing is, he really believes it. He truly believes in me and I guess just thinks, eh, she'll do it. He's so laid back and perfect for my high strung self. It's sickening, truly, we are a really sickening PDA couple. No, really.

On that note, I'm going to tell you my weigh-in numbers.

I lost 2lbs this week bringing me to a total of 57.8lbs lost in 28 weeks. 26lbs to go! Let's GO!!!!!

Sidebar: If you haven't read last weeks blog yet, please do! Pictures are in the post as well and it's one of my faves!



  1. Kris you are doing the best you can & yes you are already a winner !! Just look back at what you have accomplished? With only 26 lbs to go? OMG Girl you rock <3 Ro xxoxo

  2. In case you don't see it, I gave you this award: