Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A lottttt going on in my life right now! Including, me joining a gym!

Davis and I have finally joined the same gym and I will definitely keep you guys updated on that and all of the classes they offer! It's time for me to move on and spread my wings for a bit, as my disdain of the way Boot Camp handled the challenge and how the fitness testing was done really got to me and pissed me off. I had to accept that and move on. It got me so far and now I have to go even further and I have got to venture out and see how certified trainers teach and influence! I want to learn all I can!

I have GOT to shake these last 23lbs before the summer hits! I don't care if I have to work out 2-4 hours a day 5x a week to get there!

Motivation was lacking, especially since my personal life took over and I had to deal with all of the issues there. Fortunately, I've gotten really good at maintaining and gained nothing during that time. Hopefully I can drop a pound or two by next Monday and let you guys know my official weigh-in numbers, which WILL be posted on Monday so stay tuned for that blog.

As of Monday, I will be back to regularly updating and all that jazz and soooo I look forward to sharing the stats and updates with you all!!!


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  1. I'm joining you on that summer challenge! I want to feel and look great this summer :)

    Good luck with your goals! Keep up with that awesome motivation