Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Apologizing Isn't Enough! - I'm Sorry! Plus WEIGH IN!

I know, I'm ready for it. If you guys were all here and in my ear and I allowed you to slap me and scream and yell would it make it better? Over the past few weeks I have received so many texts and personal visits of people telling me to UPDATE MY BLOG ALREADY!!! So here it is...I am FINALLY settled in to a routine and ready to continuously update at the very least 3-5x a week. Promise.

Well where to begin? I will have a weigh-in at the end of this post and then again on Monday (to get back on track) even if it doesn't move much.

So here's the thing...the more I lose, the harder it is to get the weight to come off. Sometimes I only lose 0.4 in a week! That's crazy to me because I still remember that first week of losing 7lbs! LOL (of water weight!) but then I watch the Biggest Loser and even on shows like that those people are gaining! I NEVER gain. Okay, I won't say never, I should say, I try to never gain =) But when it's that TOM...ugh don't even get me started on TOM. Although I do love the big whoosh downwards after it's all over, damn water weight!

Anywayyyy, moving on. This past weekend was my very good friend Dr. T's 30th Birthday. She has been a friend of mine for over 9 years from when I first moved to NJ. She invited me into her circle of friends with open arms and while all of us are goin through major life changes right now  (I'm talking seriously, she just had a baby and got married, another just got engaged, one just graduated law school and here I am trying to get healthy and drop this weight!). With our busy schedules it's rare we all can get together at once so this dinner was going to be a great night for that!

There's one of the ladies in particular that I always love to see and chat with! (and one not so much haha) anyway, to me she has always been the epitome of beauty! Hell, they all have. When I first moved here from my county ass town I used to wonder if I'd EVER be able to pull off the styles they wore etc...I don't think I have even mastered that yet but hell, I've come a long way lol. Anyway, let's call her Cee for short.

I see Cee as the epitome of beauty and class really. I've never looked at her weight as being an issue EVER. Yet here she was telling me she wanted to lose 10lbs. I sat there and looked her up and down and couldn't see ANY part of her that I wouldn't have wanted to be before I learned I could lose weight and learn to love my body. It's interesting because I look in the mirror now and D shows me where he can see my abs forming and I am STILL not happy. I don't think I can or will EVER be happy til I get down to my goal weight!

Wait, I am happy. I'm just not ...SATISFIED. That's what I should say. Because don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking in the mirror now. Hell, I do it when I wake up, after a shower, after brushing teeth, just when passing BY a mirror and again before bed. The mirror is my new bff! But it's just so weird to me because I still see SO much more work that has to be done...but did I mention I wear a size 8 in pants now? Yes man. It's true.

Alas, what can ya do? I guess it is crazy that I've lost 60+ lbs and still have 20+ to go. It boggles my mind where I was 7 months ago but damn, how much longer til I've lost 80 and can finally just say...YEAH IM HERE!!!

Tomorrow (or Friday) I will blog and give you guys my work out schedule so you can see what I do weekly and if you have any tips or need any, we can be there for each other. =)


So it's been awhile but the last time I did a weigh-in (on this blog, trust I do them at home once a week), it was March 1st. And if I'm being honest with myself, the weight just isn't coming off as fast, and if I'm being even MORE honest with myself, I could cut back on the yummy food a little bit more.

So here is what I wrote as of March 1st 2011:

I lost 2lbs this week bringing me to a total of 57.8lbs lost in 28 weeks. 26lbs to go! Let's GO!!!!!

Now it brings us to April 13th 2011 (today!) and this is where I'm at: I have lost a total of 4.2lbs since March 1st, bringing my total weight loss to 62 pounds in 34 weeks. I could have done better DEFINITELY, regardless of my body slowing down. I do go to the gym religiously, I think it's more just me getting back on track with my eating habits.

Of course any weight loss is always a good weight loss but I'd like to average that 2lbs a week again. I know it may not be logical but can a sister at least average a full 1 pound a week? That was like a 0.8 average up there!

Anyway, when I lose 7 more pounds I will be OFFICIALLY giving you my weight. Those closest to me already knew my starting weight and they know my current but, at 7 more pounds I'll feel comfortable enough to shout it out. Hell, it may need to be 13 more pounds lol anyway...I love you guys and if you're reading, LET ME KNOW (since ahem* some of you told me you read and love it but don't comment!) don't be a ghost reader! I am NOT a ghost writer!


Sidebar: I ran my first mile without stopping a couple of weeks ago and was able to run 2.1miles in 23 minutes. of course this may not seem like much to you, but to me, I'm just proud I was able to finish! Trying to work my way up to 3 miles in under 30 minutes, even if it takes all year. =)


  1. Congratulations on all your success. So weird because I only lost 0.4 lbs this week too! It IS harder to lose the closer we get to our goal weight.

    I feel the same about my weight as you. I'm happy where I am but I'm not satisfied. I've met a lot of girls who I thought looked gorgeous and they still wanted to lose more weight.

  2. Kris I see where you began back in Aug & I see you now. I thank you for allowing me to share in this journey with you !! You just amaze me dahling & oh yeah what a summer you will be looking forward to sexy clothes just everything <3 You rock Bella
    LYM Ro xoxox