Thursday, April 28, 2011

Plateau'ing Beauty!

As you all know after your body loses a bunch of weight sometimes it believes you are in a healthy place or sometimes you just plateau. I am plateauing right now and let me just tell you, it's NOT a good feeling! While I may be losing inches (and half inches) and getting tighter in areas, the weight isn't falling off at the same pace it was. That's not to say I'm not losing, I just don't find 0.2-0.6lbs each week (over a course of 3 weeks) acceptable. It's cool say, every other other week, but not every week. So it was time to keep it movin...I think the most important thing for me to mention is that it's not just about LOSING WEIGHT, more so for me I'm trying to lose FAT and keep and gain more muscle.
Therefore I have implemented a stricter work out routine and also a program called HIIT!

If you haven't heard of HIIT, this article explains it pretty well: Distance Running vs. Interval Training

However, if you don't want to read that article, here is an excerpt of the benefits of HIIT:
"In addition to burning more calories and fat, interval training is thought to provide other health benefits that endurance running can't. For example, it appears to limit the loss of muscle that sometimes accompanies weight loss. Many advocates of HIIT also point out the better—i.e. more attractive, more muscular—physique of sprinters as compared to long-distance runners. And finally, numerous studies suggest that prolonged endurance running might have negative effects on heart health".

So there you have it, most studies and doctors tell you not to do this if you are out of shape...I am starting to reconsider how IN SHAPE I am! LOL Jk...sorta! Anyway, They also say you shouldn't do this more then 2-3 times a week, I will be implementing this in 3x a week. I already LOVE the definition in my legs so I can not wait to see the results in a few months of HIIT, here's hoping it works out for me! That said, continuing strength training is VERY important to me. Once again, that whole skinny-fat look is SO not for me. I love seeing every little bit of definition I have, no matter how small.

I will continue to do my strength training 3x a week and cardio 5-6x a week. =) I have my calories back down to 1200-1600 a day and hoping I can keep that up, I'm DONE with the Birthday parties of the month so no more cake or cookies! That said, here is my work out routine written out for the week! Mind you, I've already done Monday - Wednesday. =)

30 minutes cardio on elliptical
3 sets of 12 Suicide Squats with 20lb dumbbell
3 sets of 10 tricep curls w/ 25lb weight
3 sets of 15 bicep curls 35lb weight
100 crunches
3 sets of 12 rows for back w/ 60lb weight

HIIT - 30seconds sprinting, 30 seconds walking repeat 12x - Seriously killer, I really thought this would be the simplest thing EVER. I thought okay so they say I can maximize my work out and that these are SO HARD but I'm going to whip right through these. Yeah, about 6 minutes in my heart was out of my body and I only kept going to save face to everyone around me. Although I suspect that everyone didn't know what I was doing and were all thinking I was a crazy lady. Oh-well I am STILL sore the next day...sooo something was done right!
20 minutes elliptical

Day Off

30 minute cardio on elliptical (Gluteal 5)
3 sets of 12 Suicide squats with 20lb dumbbell
Dumbell bench press  3 x 12 w/ 15lb weights (total 30lbs)
Cable row  3 x 12 (55lbs)
Dumbell curl  3 x 12 (20lbs)
Dumbell extension 3 x 10 (25lbs)
Sit up 3 x 25

HIIT - I'm going to do at least 12 again but aim for 15. We'll see how that goes!
20 minutes elliptical

30 minutes elliptical
Dumbell lunge 3 x 12 (15lbs - total 30)
Dumbell floor press 3 x 12 (15lbs)
Seated dumbell press 3 x 12 (15lbs)
Standing calf raise 3 x 20
Dumbell shrug 3 x 15 (15lbs)
Dumbell side bends  3 x 12-15 (20lbs)

Day Off (Will probably do a leisurely activity like play basketball with D for an hour or so). I will update when the day comes!

Monday - 
20 minutes Elliptical

30 minutes Elliptical
Dumbell step-up 3 x 12 (15lbs)
Dumbell floor press 3 x 12 (15lbs)
Lat pulldown 3 x 12 (35lbs)
Standing hammer curl 3 x 12 (20lbs)
Lying dumbell extension 3 x 12 (15lbs)
Lying floor leg raise  3 x 25

Anywayyyy, On Monday I am hopinggggg I have some good news to report of at least a one pound loss! The thing to remember is, NEVER get discouraged, don't let ANYTHING bring you down...and most of all DO NOT GIVE UP! You keep going and pushing until you reach your goal, no matter what. And my goal? To be a HEALTHY, FIT woman by 30!



  1. I did this all the time when I was training for track. It really works and is great to mix up your workout when you hit that plateau. It's about tricking the body!


  2. I definitely believe in changing up the exercise to push through a plateau :) Good luck with HIIT!