Monday, January 31, 2011

24 Weeks In - WEIGH-IN!!!!


So, I know I haven't updated in awhile and that is two-fold. One reason being we have SO much snow and I've been SO busy! The other thing is, I'm injured =( While I wish it was an injury I could just work through, it is not and so I have kept it mainly to myself and hope to be back in the saddle Wednesday.

With that said, I've stayed on plan the entire week and this week! I will make this weigh-in short and simple and I also PROMISE to get pics for you by Wednesday! HOPEFULLY I can get them done tomorrow in time to post on here. =) I love before and after pics so trust, I want to get them done as badly as I know they need to go up here!

So, weigh-in time!

I lost 2.2lbs this week! That brings me to 50.6 lbs lost in 24 weeks!!! Life is good. I always told myself that once I had lost 50lbs the rest would be easy but I know that is not the case. It is going to get harder (and TRUST ME IT HAS!!) and I'm going to have to REALLY push myself which is why being out of commission for working out is KILLING ME slowly. I'm miserable! Trust. Miserable but I look good. =) I guess in a sense it's good because I know I won't be burning off those extra calories in work outs so I truly have been watching what I eat a LOT more.

Last night we would out to dinner with D and his fam for his brothers bday. When I walked up it was hysterical because his aunt and cousin were freaking out and kept asking me to stand up and show my belly then his cousin (whom I adore) said "OMG YOU LOOK LIKE YOU DID WHEN WE FIRST MET YOU!" I took it all in and thought it was all really sweet. At one point they apologized like "Not saying you were fat before!" and I'm like no, yes I was fat, you can say it. I got SO good at posting only flattering (and they really weren't that flattering to be honest) pics of myself that I never saw how fat I had gotten!

With 33lbs to's to hoping I get there and LIKE being there. It will be a test to see if I'll be happy at that weight or not. Once I get to 55lbs down I may just tell you all my weight. =) That will be eye-opening I'm sure...for all of us.


Have a GREAT week!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And...They're BAAAACK!!! Plus Weigh-In 23 Weeks in!

Hello all of my faithful readers and any newbies joining us!

Yesterday in boot camp I noticed a pain in my arch and it began (once again) shooting up to my shins. I kept going of course because pain is never going to deter me, especially when it's a pain you just have to work through or let it take control of pain can take control of me. No no no.

So today in BC, this time it was MUCH stronger. My shin splints are back ya'll. No BS. The pain is ROARING! However, after all the research I've done, I know the only thing to do is stretch, ice em and rub em and then just keep pushign through the exercises, WHILE IN PAIN! I did a few alternate exercises during certain things that caused me great agony but overall I'm pretty satisfied w/ the work out today, even w/ the shin splints.

I remember when I first started and that blew my mind. I persevered tho, I can do it again.

Our class is slowly dwindling. At the beginning of the session we had 18 people in our class (there are two other classes besides ours) and now I would guesstimate that we are down to a solid 10 people that come regularly. It hurts my heart to know so many people say they are ready for a healthy lifestyle and then...just give up. I really think that had we been assigned like big sister/new sister duties that might not have happened but what can ya do? I push everyone I can, just like they all push me to be better =)

This morning after BC I was pretty emotional. Listenig to Bye Bye by Mariah and thinking about my father and how sick he was when he passed away. He would be SO proud of me if he were alive today. To see I turned around and got myself in order before it was too late. I'm not where I NEED to be yet but I will be soon enough. I really wish he could see everything I'm doing and be there to support me, but when in doubt, I pray and I talk to him out loud and I know he can hear me.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYY I guess I should move on to WEIGH-IN!!!

Am I happy? Eh...not so much. Am I disappointed? A bit! But I know I will just push myself harder this week. I had TOM so I'm hoping that it is playing a part right now (in water weight). Alas, I cannot lie to myself so here goes.

I lost 1.6 lbs this past week which brings me to 48.4 lbs total lost thus far (23 weeks total). Freaking 1.6 lbs away from 50lbs lost. Can I just hit 50lbs lost already?! I mean damn! On another note that means I have lost a total of 5.2lbs since the challenge began 2 weeks ago. If I can keep it up to 5lbs every two weeks then I can definitely lose the 20lbs I wanted to lose for this boot camp challenge. Anywhere between 16-20 and I'll be happy. =)

Anyway, before and current pictures coming tomorrow!!!! Hope you'll all be back to read that. It's weird, weigh in days are definitely my busiest traffic days. Yet, I get the least amount of comments. Not sue if that is because people who WANT to see me fail come and pray I'm failing or if people just don't like to comment. =) Either way, I'm suceeding so the haters can suck it! I put it out there for everyone, judge and judge away =)

Love you ALL, and I mean that!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Even Mother Nature Can't Stop Me! 2 Weeks of the Challenge ALMOST down!

WHEW! So, where to begin? Let's see...I woke up to snow covering our car. Joy! No.

Once I was done shoveling and scraping I realized my socks were soaked through and so were my shoes! I had to run back upstairs to get a new pair of both and by this point I had about 15 minutes to get to class SAFELY because HELLO! Today was the day we had a camera man there filming our every move.

I am SO glad I got my eyebrows done yesterday because W asked me to do a testimonial and although I didn't want to per-say, I did for two reasons. One: I LOVE Boot Camp. I believe in it. I believe in W and I believe in the girls in the class. Two: DUH! I totally didn't want it to count against me for the challenge. LOL True story.

I'm hoping that the challenge will include form and technique along with all the body fat percentage and muscle percentages etc. I've been working my BUTT off at improving my form and technique and I think it is paying off. I was told that my push-ups were perfect today =) I'm told that a lot. The reinforcement from our trainer is SO IMPORTANT! I like the way that feels, I also like knowing I'm doing it correctly, especially because form is SO important to me and I see so many people doing it wrong (on tv and otherwise) and I just don't want that to be me anymore. That's a personal goal of mine because for so long I couldn't even DO a push-up, let alone do it correctly.

I also like the way it feels when I'm doing an exercise and I feel muscle. For instance, when doing wall sits I used to look down at my legs and just see nothing but thighs full of fat. Now I look down and they are firm and smaller...I dig that, I dig that SO much.

Unfortunately, before going on camera I was caught looking in the glass door at my reflection (sidebar: I liked what I saw) but I guess I am STILL constantly concerned what others will think. Okay, not constantly, I mean the circumstances were a bit far off today, there was someone there taping our EVERY move and working in TV, I wanted my best angles...which is hard to get when you're sweating profusely and working your body. Eh, what can you do? At least I won't look lazy!

Anyway, it is that TOM and I am oh so bloated and gross feeling so that is another reason I was just like UGH. When W is pushing me to my limits and it's TOM, I literally want to scream in his face "ARE YOU A WOMAN?! DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE BLOATED AND CRAMPING"!?!??!!?!? Today in fact I almost did that while doing suicides and being pushed...but I clamped my mouth down and just did it...I'm not even sure if there was a woman trainer I would like that, but damn it's hard when a man is telling you what to do and it's TOM and they have NO IDEA what it feels like. LOL Okay, TMI? Don't you just love abbreviations? I do...obvz. =)

Okay so I'm off to get some work if I haven't gotten work in today already!

One quick note, I've been on plan all week =) No missteps and no mishaps and I'm feeling GREAT about that. Let's pray when I weigh-in it will show on the scale.

I'll be going to Boot Camp tomorrow (Saturday) because I couldn't make yesterdays session. I will also be weighing in on Tuesday instead of Monday next week, because of TOM! After that we'll go back to the regularly scheduled Monday's =)

I should also be posting pictures on Tuesday if all goes well, it may have to be Wednesday though depending on what D's schedule is. Have I mentioned lately that I have THE BEST BOYFRIEND ever? He is so amazing. Seriously...I <3 him =)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Probably Think I'm Cooler Than WEIGH-IN @ 22 Weeks!

Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner
Seriously love this song...It helped to bring me back down to earth. True story. I'm nowhere near the level of stupidity the girl in the song he is speaking of is, but...I've been there before and I DO NOT want to go back. Getting older is such a blessing as you learn and grow and CHANGE! I love it =) 

Good mornTING!!!!!!

I'm going to jump right into the weigh-in and tell you guys how much I lost the first week of the challenge and then I'm going to go into just a BIT of the mental parts of losing weight FOR ME and lastly, I'll give you guys a few healthy snack choices that you can easily fit into your calorie range. Just remember, no food 2-3 hours before bed and you should be good =)

This week I dropped a total of 3.8lbs! Yay!!! That brings my weight loss to 47 pounds in 22 weeks!! 3 pounds away from losing 50 freaking pounds!!! Okay well technically it's 46.8lbs lost. =) The goal for next week is to lose at least 2.2 but I'm aiming for 3-4. Let's see how that goes. =)

It's insane to even think about. It may not seem like a lot to those of you out there that are struggling with weight loss as well but imagine carrying around an extra 47pounds ball with you everyday on your way to work. Not fun!

Here's the thing. I know I have it better then some. Mentally, I'm fine, and by fine I mean I KNOW I'm cute. No one can tell me otherwise. I look in the mirror at this face and I love it. True story. I mean, yes I could stand for some botox in my forehead (soon enough) but overall I mean...I really was blessed with such a cute face.

But there is also an underlying problem in that mental state of mine. There is this phenomenom called "phantom fat", (Phantom Fat - MSNBC article) and while I DO NOT have the exact description, I do have parts of it. For instance, I'll see a space in front of brain is telling me I can't fit through it and to turn to the side, when I do, I realize I have tons of space around me and remember, Oh yeah...I've lost a lot of weight. Somehow my brain has yet to catch up. I'm not quite there yet. Another example is when you go to the store to buy clothes, and you get the same sizes you used to get only to realize after trying them on that umm they are two sizes too big. It's a very weird thing to experience. I am trying to reprogram my mind around those issues. Like I said, I don't have it as bad as some. I don't hate myself or my fact I was told today to stay humble. Why? you ask...well I mentioned that I was going through FB pics yesterday and about to take SO many down or hide them from my friends because I couldn't BELIEVE I let myself get that big or that I even had the AUDACITY to post pictures of myself looking like that! But, a great point was made, I have to remember where I came from to get where I am going. There is nothing more in the world that I want more, then to be confident AND have the ability to do anything physically that I aspire to.

So with that said, I think I need to be reminded (and maybe remind all of you) how far I've come and how I truly used to be "that girl" that I never wanted to be. You know, the one who couldn't do more then one push up, the girl who could barely run for more then ten seconds. The one who CRIED the first day of boot camp during AND after hysterically.

I truly thought the hardest part of this journey was going to be getting started. I mean it seems like this MASSIVE road is in front of you and how the HELL are you supposed to get to the end? Then, a light bulb went off in my head. I realized the hardest part was going to be maintaining and getting BETTER. There is ALWAYS room for improvement so my head DOES have to come down some. I'm not sure if I'm ready to work on that yet. I like feeling confident, the one thing I have to remind myself of and DEF begin working on is worrying about others. I'm in competition with no one but myself, I have to keep reminding myself that just because *I* think I'm better then the next person at something, there was also a time when I wasn't. I'm going to start working on that from now until the end of my life and apply it to everything I do, whether it's work, fitness or my relationships.

I've learned SO much about myself and food (don't even get me started on how much WRONG information people are giving out there!) and just my addiction to it and what caused me to become the size I was, that I feel as though if I can get this completely under control, only THEN will I truly be able to help others realize their potential and be an inspiration.

When people tell me I have inspired them, I just want to say no no no. Truly. I can't be an inspiration until I have everything under control and maintenance. For now, I just gotta work on me.

The most important thing I think anyone entering a program is that it should never be JUST about vanity. Sure, that is a reason for everyone but your health should be numero uno. Who wants to be the fat mom who can't run with her kids at he park? Feeds her child terrible things? Or the dad who sits on the couch flipping the station while vegging out with a whole pizza to himself while his kids beg him to play ball?

Now is the time to fix all of that so that my kids never even WANT fast food. So I know how to make a healthy meal that they'll love. So I know that when my kids want to learn to ski, go swimming, go hiking and camping that I'll be the mother right up there with them racing them to the end. THAT is the me that I was destined to be and that only *I* can make myself be.

I read a lot about people blaming their parents for their eating habits. My children will NEVER place blame on me.

Anyway, I think I've written enough today huh? Just want to give you guys a few healthy SNACK options for those times in between lunch and dinner or breakfast and dinner =)

Remember, 4-6 small meals a day is genius.

1. Orville 100 Calorie Smart Pop - LOVE THIS. No need to add salt! It has a GREAT taste.

2. Trader Joes Turkey Jerky! OMG Heaven! I went on a MISSION to find this this past weekend. A serious one. It is so amazing as an extra snack! Just remember not to eat the whole bag in one sitting. If you do, it's fine but I recommend 1/3 of the bag per snack.

3. Special K cracker chips - Sour cream & Onion - SERIOUSLY!?! I LOVEEEE potato chips. I still can't believe I haven't had them in over 4 months but yeah, I haven't (just like I havent had liquor) but these are yummmmmmmmmmy and give you that chip taste AND feel! 27 chips is only 110 calories and the fat calories are even small! I only eat about 20 chips per snack but feel free to eat all 27 if you are so inclined. =)

4. As usual, grapes, bananas (yum!), oatmeal, pears, ANY FRUIT really are all great for you. But don't overdo it, there is a LOT of sugar in some of those.

5. If I know I'm going to be out for awhile I sometimes take protein snacks with me. I will take about three pieces of thinly sliced turkey and roll it over a pickle, (make 2 of them) and put them in a baggy. If I get hungry I have a great healthy snack waiting for me. =)

And with that said, I'm off! Next week I'll be taking some before and after photos =) It's been a month and I think it's about that time!

Now if I could just stop smoking....

xo xo,

sidebar: Anyone catch that show Heavy on A&E last night? My girl Tiff MADE ME record it lol and honestly I'm glad she did. It gives such a great perspective on the MENTAL side of this whole weight loss thing. Crazy. If you didn't catch it I highly recommend it to ANYONE!

Friday, January 14, 2011

One Week of Our 8-Week Challenge DOWN!

Woohoo! Hellllllllllllooooooo!

So, as the title suggests, we have officially ended week 1 of the 8 week challenge. I have stayed on plan the entire time and my body is really responding!

I have upped my weights from 5lbs to 8lbs and I feel GREAT!!!! Today's work out was definitely tough. There were about 20 different stations, some of which included, planks, russian twists, push ups, heavy ass ropes, tricep dips, suicides, etc. which had to each be done for a minute. We all rotated. In between switching to the next exercise we all would have to do 30 seconds of jumping jacks or burpees or high knees or well...whatever W said to do haha. I went through so much water today...I'm exhausted!!! Yet...I feel GREAT!

My body is truly responding, I have not been sore all week. I think I am FINALLY getting to a point where I am "in shape". Dare I say that?! I mean, I had a bit of soreness in my arms from upping the weights but it was nothing really out of the ordinary or crazy. I feel good.

Anyway, I'm off!!! I'm hoping that on Monday (official weigh-in day) I am AT LEAST down 3lbs from the start of our challenge a week ago. My body needed to get back on track and I'm so happy I am finally there!

Let's see what Monday brings. =) Next week I will also be posting before and after (or current) photos. Yay! Those always make me feel ten times worse about myself but eh, it has to be done for bookkeeping sake. Ha!

Tonight I am off to see a Broadway show with the mans mother and then this weekend I have a birthday party (no drinking for me!) on Saturday and then on Sunday or Monday, D and I have a romantic dinner planned at a place that makes fondue. =/ Needless to say I'll really have to work that off the next morning or just watch my calorie intake the rest of the day.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mind, Body and Spirit...Confidence is key!

Hello all of my lovely readers!

Major shout out to those of you who stuck with me through the Holidays and trusted in my abilities to maintain.

One thing I've learned through this journey is that without confidence in yourself, nothing is possible. It is okay to have doubts sometimes, as long as they are just DOUBTS and not you giving up completely. When I have stumbled, I have picked myself right back up and jumped on again.

Had I never imagined I could lose close to 45lbs I probably never would have. I have another 35-40 to go (depending on if I like the way I look or want to lose more). I am SO excited and can't wait to see the outcome.

I attended boot camp both Monday and Tuesday. WHEW a lot of new people! More then any other cycle! I assume it is two fold, partly because of it being a "challenge" where you win pretty awesome prizes and then MOSTLY because in the new year people always "say" they are going to lose weight.

Only time will tell how many of them stick with it but I truly hope I see them all next cycle AFTER the challenge is over. It would be amazing to see so many women sticking with getting healthy.

The way I feel is indescribable. I love trying on clothes (even if I don't buy that many because I know I'm not gonna fit em for long), I love walking down the street, hell, I even love certain exercises at boot camp!

I didn't end up attending BC (boot camp) today because of the snow. I could not shovel our car out for the life of, what can ya do? Oh, that's right. I can do exercises at home. They won't be as intense but I'm going to force myself to do at least 15 minutes of weight training. I need my arms to be fire when the fat dissipates.

I weighed myself today (3x all got the same number - Cuz I didn't believe it!) and I'm already down 2lbs from last weigh-in. I'm hoping I can stick there and maybe lose a pound more. I think my body was/is ready because I've just been maintaining and not really making all that great of food choices and also not exercising, so it is thanking me for getting back on track. My body loves me =)

And sidebar: when I say my body, I mean the good parts, not the fat lol.

I've noticed in pictures I look SO MUCH YOUNGER. It is amazing to me the difference my face has. It is CLEAR, my skin is SOFT and man I am so sorry and do not mean to sound cocky but DAMN I am seriously adorable! I even posted a picture on Facebook of me with my glasses on, I never do that. It's either contacts or I take the glasses off. My self esteem has just skyrocketed. I'm afraid to see what I'll be like when I'm 40lbs lighter.

Not sure if I've mentioned this before but even after I drop the initial 80-90lbs I was trying to lose in the first year...I'll have another year of toning, conditioning and losing body fat. Turns out that in order to have a six pack you must have at the very most 18% body fat. So that will probably be another personal challenge AFTER I reach this goal. *Fingers crossed* that I can reach it within a year, although I'm guessing I'll reach it in the next 5 months which would be about 3 months early. =) Yeah, I have that kind of confidence in myself these days. =)

Last but not least, I am WINNING this challenge. I trust that I can at least place in 1st or 2nd. I don't want 3rd, I don't want any part of it. It would be a major blow to my ego so I HAVE GOT to push through this. The part that scares me is the trainer of BC is choosing based on many different variables. I have no idea if these new girls will have me beat. I know had I started off in BC on this challenge I would have won hands down. I lost so many inches and over 20lbs that first 8 weeks so yeah...That is why I'm saying if I can drop 16-20 AFTER having done this for over 4 months? I think I can win. But I also have to get stronger and faster and just overall more healthy. I need to drop my BMI (which he calculated by one of those hand things you hold). I need to drop that more anyway...I remember when it was an unmentionable number. =/

I have been doing very good food-wise, no missteps and honestly I don't even want to "work in" a treat in my calorie range. If it's unhealthy, it's not going into my body for the next 8 weeks.

All I can say is that in four months I've done a 180. My mind has changed, I no longer obsess all the time of what others think of me (altho I am still a bit self conscious in BC). I am living my life for ME ME ME. I have fun everywhere I go, cutting certain friends out has been a BLESSING in disguise. It's just insane how much time you don't even realize you spend on people, and when they are gone and the drama is too, it's crazy how little you truly think of them, if ever! I highly highly recommend this to anyone who has a friend who brings nothing but drama. (ie. Nene Leakes, if you are reading this, Kim - "Close your legs to married men!")

My body - I think that goes without saying. I can fit a very tight Medium but I feel more comfortable in Larges. I remember when XXL sometimes wouldn't even fit! Crazy talk. I don't even want to mention my jeans! I love trying on different sizes and seeing them FIT! I even wear leggings now without feeling like one of those fat girls that shouldn't even have them on cuz you can see all their cellulite.

Spirit - Through the roof! I've gotten closer with the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ through whom ALL things are possible. Truly and indefinitely. I am so blessed and so loved...I cannot WAIT to see what this year brings. I only hope to continue my growth of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Anyway, I adore you all for sticking with me through the holidays and hope that for the next 8 weeks you'll be here pushing me on to WIN this whole challenge. I WANT it both for my self esteem, and because I NEEDED this to help push me through the holiday maintenance. Did I mention I'm competitive? Yeah...that's me, all KG.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

You Just Gotta Ignite The Light & Let it It Shine!!!

Do you ever feel already buried deep? Do you know that there's still a chance for you? Just own the night, like the fourth of July! Cause baby you're a firework, come on show em what you're worth!

Firework - Katy Perry

As much as I can't stand this product of the industry, she can sing and to top it off, this song makes me want to freaking conquer the WORLD! Obviously because of the line "You're original, cannot be replaced". Well duh. I already knew that but the entire song is like, AWESOME!

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. The holidays have come and gone and now I shall update you!

My mother came in for a visit, 12 days of pure BLISS! I love my mom beyond all belief! Of course I cried about a pound worth of tears when I saw her and it was heaven.

We went grocery shopping the first day she was here and went out to good old Wal-Mart (you know the place with horrible service and the place that also pays their workers close to nothing?). While there she asked me if there was a sale on yoga mats because EVERYONE had one. So we went to look, uh, no. There was no sale. Then I realized, ohhhhh it's about to be the New Year and EVERYONE is SAYING they are going to make a change in their eating habits or their exercise regimen. We counted over 35ppl with like yoga mats. It was crazy. I couldn't help but laugh.

I wasn't laughing at those people per-say. It was more, that USED to be me. I bought a cheap ass yoga mat. Still have it in fact. I had to laugh to keep from crying. Statistics show that over 75% of those people won't even make it through two weeks of an exercise plan, let alone dieting. It's so sad to think about.

That is why I had to start mine BEFORE the New Year. I also didn't limit myself very well over the holidays. I mean I watched what I ate sometimes but I also ate out, A LOT! And it was YUMMY! But the greatest part was that some things I USED to eat, I didn't even want this time because I knew how unhealthy they were. Plus, for the most part, I was able to limit my weight gain to around .8 (so almost a pound) at the end of the day...that's a win for me. I'm not angry. I wanted to maintain and I just about did it. Had I done my exercises (I didn't exercise ONCE in these past two weeks) I probably would have lost weight. Eh, what can ya do? I wanted a break and I got it!

Seeing my mother leave was the hardest part of the holidays. She spent Christmas with us and a beautiful New Year only to say goodbye on the 4th. =( The best part was when the snow storm hit us and we were trapped inside our apartment for two days straight to fend for ourselves. While it can be said we were kind of bored out of our minds, I will never forget those two days because we truly bonded. I adore her. She was also SHOCKED by how much I've shrunk. Moms are your biggest cheerleaders!

So, that brings us to...TODAY! The Boot Camp Fitness New Year New You Challenge. Let me explain a bit of what this is.

For 8 weeks the girls in Boot Camp will be competing to place or to just get stronger/faster/smaller.

Here's the thing, there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Of course I want 1st but I'd settle for 2nd I guess...although I wouldn't be completely thrilled with it, I want 1st. Being I'm a competitive person...I say you either give it all or go home.

So today was our assessments. A BEFORE picture was taken. I was weighed, measured all over my body, they took my body fat percentage, my muscle percentage and to top it off we had a fitness assessment.

For the fitness one I kind of sucked. I think it had something to do with being out of boot camp for 2 weeks but I pushed through. The goal is to double all of those numbers, except the sit ups one, I think I did pretty great on those so if I can just get them up about 5 more then I'll be happy. I also want to increase my muscle but hopefully lose 16-20lbs. If I can do ALL of that then I honestly don't think I can lose. Truly.

I think the thing MOST people forget about when losing weight is gaining muscle and strength! That is HUGE HUGE HUGE to me, which is why working out REGULARLY (meaning more then 3x a week) is SO important to me! I do NOT want to lose weight and have fat hanging off of me or still not be able to run a mile or climb a freaking MOUNTAIN if I want to!

With all that said....Now that you guys know what it is, hopefully I won't have to explain it to anyone.

We are going to have a mid-session evaluation and then a final evaluation. I will know mid-way through if I need to work a bit harder. I'm SO excited! Haha, will I be this excited 8 weeks down the line if I lose or didn't do as well? I don't know but this is the push I need to get over this hump!

I should state for the record if I go by the weight that was given today I have officially lost 43lbs EXACTLY. That's good shit. Let's hope I can it to 60lbs lost by the time these 8 weeks are up!

I would show you guys the measurements and such but I'm really not that comfortable...YET. In the meantime I'll share a few pictures taken over the holiday break session.

Oh Madame Tussaud's how we love thee!

Until Monday...

ps. Did I mention I am going to have to try to go to EVERY DAY of boot camp if I want to win? I'm talking 5x a week for 8 weeks. There can be NO missed sessions unless it is unavoidable. OUCH!