Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mind, Body and Spirit...Confidence is key!

Hello all of my lovely readers!

Major shout out to those of you who stuck with me through the Holidays and trusted in my abilities to maintain.

One thing I've learned through this journey is that without confidence in yourself, nothing is possible. It is okay to have doubts sometimes, as long as they are just DOUBTS and not you giving up completely. When I have stumbled, I have picked myself right back up and jumped on again.

Had I never imagined I could lose close to 45lbs I probably never would have. I have another 35-40 to go (depending on if I like the way I look or want to lose more). I am SO excited and can't wait to see the outcome.

I attended boot camp both Monday and Tuesday. WHEW a lot of new people! More then any other cycle! I assume it is two fold, partly because of it being a "challenge" where you win pretty awesome prizes and then MOSTLY because in the new year people always "say" they are going to lose weight.

Only time will tell how many of them stick with it but I truly hope I see them all next cycle AFTER the challenge is over. It would be amazing to see so many women sticking with getting healthy.

The way I feel is indescribable. I love trying on clothes (even if I don't buy that many because I know I'm not gonna fit em for long), I love walking down the street, hell, I even love certain exercises at boot camp!

I didn't end up attending BC (boot camp) today because of the snow. I could not shovel our car out for the life of, what can ya do? Oh, that's right. I can do exercises at home. They won't be as intense but I'm going to force myself to do at least 15 minutes of weight training. I need my arms to be fire when the fat dissipates.

I weighed myself today (3x all got the same number - Cuz I didn't believe it!) and I'm already down 2lbs from last weigh-in. I'm hoping I can stick there and maybe lose a pound more. I think my body was/is ready because I've just been maintaining and not really making all that great of food choices and also not exercising, so it is thanking me for getting back on track. My body loves me =)

And sidebar: when I say my body, I mean the good parts, not the fat lol.

I've noticed in pictures I look SO MUCH YOUNGER. It is amazing to me the difference my face has. It is CLEAR, my skin is SOFT and man I am so sorry and do not mean to sound cocky but DAMN I am seriously adorable! I even posted a picture on Facebook of me with my glasses on, I never do that. It's either contacts or I take the glasses off. My self esteem has just skyrocketed. I'm afraid to see what I'll be like when I'm 40lbs lighter.

Not sure if I've mentioned this before but even after I drop the initial 80-90lbs I was trying to lose in the first year...I'll have another year of toning, conditioning and losing body fat. Turns out that in order to have a six pack you must have at the very most 18% body fat. So that will probably be another personal challenge AFTER I reach this goal. *Fingers crossed* that I can reach it within a year, although I'm guessing I'll reach it in the next 5 months which would be about 3 months early. =) Yeah, I have that kind of confidence in myself these days. =)

Last but not least, I am WINNING this challenge. I trust that I can at least place in 1st or 2nd. I don't want 3rd, I don't want any part of it. It would be a major blow to my ego so I HAVE GOT to push through this. The part that scares me is the trainer of BC is choosing based on many different variables. I have no idea if these new girls will have me beat. I know had I started off in BC on this challenge I would have won hands down. I lost so many inches and over 20lbs that first 8 weeks so yeah...That is why I'm saying if I can drop 16-20 AFTER having done this for over 4 months? I think I can win. But I also have to get stronger and faster and just overall more healthy. I need to drop my BMI (which he calculated by one of those hand things you hold). I need to drop that more anyway...I remember when it was an unmentionable number. =/

I have been doing very good food-wise, no missteps and honestly I don't even want to "work in" a treat in my calorie range. If it's unhealthy, it's not going into my body for the next 8 weeks.

All I can say is that in four months I've done a 180. My mind has changed, I no longer obsess all the time of what others think of me (altho I am still a bit self conscious in BC). I am living my life for ME ME ME. I have fun everywhere I go, cutting certain friends out has been a BLESSING in disguise. It's just insane how much time you don't even realize you spend on people, and when they are gone and the drama is too, it's crazy how little you truly think of them, if ever! I highly highly recommend this to anyone who has a friend who brings nothing but drama. (ie. Nene Leakes, if you are reading this, Kim - "Close your legs to married men!")

My body - I think that goes without saying. I can fit a very tight Medium but I feel more comfortable in Larges. I remember when XXL sometimes wouldn't even fit! Crazy talk. I don't even want to mention my jeans! I love trying on different sizes and seeing them FIT! I even wear leggings now without feeling like one of those fat girls that shouldn't even have them on cuz you can see all their cellulite.

Spirit - Through the roof! I've gotten closer with the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ through whom ALL things are possible. Truly and indefinitely. I am so blessed and so loved...I cannot WAIT to see what this year brings. I only hope to continue my growth of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Anyway, I adore you all for sticking with me through the holidays and hope that for the next 8 weeks you'll be here pushing me on to WIN this whole challenge. I WANT it both for my self esteem, and because I NEEDED this to help push me through the holiday maintenance. Did I mention I'm competitive? Yeah...that's me, all KG.


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  1. Can't even tell you how happy I am for just fucking rock, there;s really no other way to say it!!! HAHAHA You're on a roll and I truly FEEL this is a life change for you..its amazing to watch/read!

    LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!