Monday, January 31, 2011

24 Weeks In - WEIGH-IN!!!!


So, I know I haven't updated in awhile and that is two-fold. One reason being we have SO much snow and I've been SO busy! The other thing is, I'm injured =( While I wish it was an injury I could just work through, it is not and so I have kept it mainly to myself and hope to be back in the saddle Wednesday.

With that said, I've stayed on plan the entire week and this week! I will make this weigh-in short and simple and I also PROMISE to get pics for you by Wednesday! HOPEFULLY I can get them done tomorrow in time to post on here. =) I love before and after pics so trust, I want to get them done as badly as I know they need to go up here!

So, weigh-in time!

I lost 2.2lbs this week! That brings me to 50.6 lbs lost in 24 weeks!!! Life is good. I always told myself that once I had lost 50lbs the rest would be easy but I know that is not the case. It is going to get harder (and TRUST ME IT HAS!!) and I'm going to have to REALLY push myself which is why being out of commission for working out is KILLING ME slowly. I'm miserable! Trust. Miserable but I look good. =) I guess in a sense it's good because I know I won't be burning off those extra calories in work outs so I truly have been watching what I eat a LOT more.

Last night we would out to dinner with D and his fam for his brothers bday. When I walked up it was hysterical because his aunt and cousin were freaking out and kept asking me to stand up and show my belly then his cousin (whom I adore) said "OMG YOU LOOK LIKE YOU DID WHEN WE FIRST MET YOU!" I took it all in and thought it was all really sweet. At one point they apologized like "Not saying you were fat before!" and I'm like no, yes I was fat, you can say it. I got SO good at posting only flattering (and they really weren't that flattering to be honest) pics of myself that I never saw how fat I had gotten!

With 33lbs to's to hoping I get there and LIKE being there. It will be a test to see if I'll be happy at that weight or not. Once I get to 55lbs down I may just tell you all my weight. =) That will be eye-opening I'm sure...for all of us.


Have a GREAT week!


  1. Kristin, congrats on another great milestone. I'm so happy for you! Keep on truckin'

  2. You did it over 50 lbs !!!!! Congrats Dahling <3

  3. where are the pics you promisssssed!!!

  4. Hahahaha I knowwwwwwwwww!!! Maybe tomorrow? I'm still recovering from this damn injury!!! Hopefully I can make it to BC tomorrow and have D snap a few after I get back home! *fingers crossed*