Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And...They're BAAAACK!!! Plus Weigh-In 23 Weeks in!

Hello all of my faithful readers and any newbies joining us!

Yesterday in boot camp I noticed a pain in my arch and it began (once again) shooting up to my shins. I kept going of course because pain is never going to deter me, especially when it's a pain you just have to work through or let it take control of YOU..no pain can take control of me. No no no.

So today in BC, this time it was MUCH stronger. My shin splints are back ya'll. No BS. The pain is ROARING! However, after all the research I've done, I know the only thing to do is stretch, ice em and rub em and then just keep pushign through the exercises, WHILE IN PAIN! I did a few alternate exercises during certain things that caused me great agony but overall I'm pretty satisfied w/ the work out today, even w/ the shin splints.

I remember when I first started and that blew my mind. I persevered tho, I can do it again.

Our class is slowly dwindling. At the beginning of the session we had 18 people in our class (there are two other classes besides ours) and now I would guesstimate that we are down to a solid 10 people that come regularly. It hurts my heart to know so many people say they are ready for a healthy lifestyle and then...just give up. I really think that had we been assigned like big sister/new sister duties that might not have happened but what can ya do? I push everyone I can, just like they all push me to be better =)

This morning after BC I was pretty emotional. Listenig to Bye Bye by Mariah and thinking about my father and how sick he was when he passed away. He would be SO proud of me if he were alive today. To see I turned around and got myself in order before it was too late. I'm not where I NEED to be yet but I will be soon enough. I really wish he could see everything I'm doing and be there to support me, but when in doubt, I pray and I talk to him out loud and I know he can hear me.

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYY I guess I should move on to WEIGH-IN!!!

Am I happy? Eh...not so much. Am I disappointed? A bit! But I know I will just push myself harder this week. I had TOM so I'm hoping that it is playing a part right now (in water weight). Alas, I cannot lie to myself so here goes.

I lost 1.6 lbs this past week which brings me to 48.4 lbs total lost thus far (23 weeks total). Freaking 1.6 lbs away from 50lbs lost. Can I just hit 50lbs lost already?! I mean damn! On another note that means I have lost a total of 5.2lbs since the challenge began 2 weeks ago. If I can keep it up to 5lbs every two weeks then I can definitely lose the 20lbs I wanted to lose for this boot camp challenge. Anywhere between 16-20 and I'll be happy. =)

Anyway, before and current pictures coming tomorrow!!!! Hope you'll all be back to read that. It's weird, weigh in days are definitely my busiest traffic days. Yet, I get the least amount of comments. Not sue if that is because people who WANT to see me fail come and pray I'm failing or if people just don't like to comment. =) Either way, I'm suceeding so the haters can suck it! I put it out there for everyone, judge and judge away =)

Love you ALL, and I mean that!


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