Friday, January 21, 2011

Even Mother Nature Can't Stop Me! 2 Weeks of the Challenge ALMOST down!

WHEW! So, where to begin? Let's see...I woke up to snow covering our car. Joy! No.

Once I was done shoveling and scraping I realized my socks were soaked through and so were my shoes! I had to run back upstairs to get a new pair of both and by this point I had about 15 minutes to get to class SAFELY because HELLO! Today was the day we had a camera man there filming our every move.

I am SO glad I got my eyebrows done yesterday because W asked me to do a testimonial and although I didn't want to per-say, I did for two reasons. One: I LOVE Boot Camp. I believe in it. I believe in W and I believe in the girls in the class. Two: DUH! I totally didn't want it to count against me for the challenge. LOL True story.

I'm hoping that the challenge will include form and technique along with all the body fat percentage and muscle percentages etc. I've been working my BUTT off at improving my form and technique and I think it is paying off. I was told that my push-ups were perfect today =) I'm told that a lot. The reinforcement from our trainer is SO IMPORTANT! I like the way that feels, I also like knowing I'm doing it correctly, especially because form is SO important to me and I see so many people doing it wrong (on tv and otherwise) and I just don't want that to be me anymore. That's a personal goal of mine because for so long I couldn't even DO a push-up, let alone do it correctly.

I also like the way it feels when I'm doing an exercise and I feel muscle. For instance, when doing wall sits I used to look down at my legs and just see nothing but thighs full of fat. Now I look down and they are firm and smaller...I dig that, I dig that SO much.

Unfortunately, before going on camera I was caught looking in the glass door at my reflection (sidebar: I liked what I saw) but I guess I am STILL constantly concerned what others will think. Okay, not constantly, I mean the circumstances were a bit far off today, there was someone there taping our EVERY move and working in TV, I wanted my best angles...which is hard to get when you're sweating profusely and working your body. Eh, what can you do? At least I won't look lazy!

Anyway, it is that TOM and I am oh so bloated and gross feeling so that is another reason I was just like UGH. When W is pushing me to my limits and it's TOM, I literally want to scream in his face "ARE YOU A WOMAN?! DO YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE BLOATED AND CRAMPING"!?!??!!?!? Today in fact I almost did that while doing suicides and being pushed...but I clamped my mouth down and just did it...I'm not even sure if there was a woman trainer I would like that, but damn it's hard when a man is telling you what to do and it's TOM and they have NO IDEA what it feels like. LOL Okay, TMI? Don't you just love abbreviations? I do...obvz. =)

Okay so I'm off to get some work if I haven't gotten work in today already!

One quick note, I've been on plan all week =) No missteps and no mishaps and I'm feeling GREAT about that. Let's pray when I weigh-in it will show on the scale.

I'll be going to Boot Camp tomorrow (Saturday) because I couldn't make yesterdays session. I will also be weighing in on Tuesday instead of Monday next week, because of TOM! After that we'll go back to the regularly scheduled Monday's =)

I should also be posting pictures on Tuesday if all goes well, it may have to be Wednesday though depending on what D's schedule is. Have I mentioned lately that I have THE BEST BOYFRIEND ever? He is so amazing. Seriously...I <3 him =)



  1. Kristin seriously I see you as the next Jillian Michaels !!! I mean this. As you know we have never met but I can tell girl you have it in you so it won't surprise me someday if you have breaking news :)
    Great job today beginning with the snow!!! Can't wait to see more pics next week & to hear more :)Loved the part about you seeing firmer, smaller thighs :) YaY !!!
    I bought *Self* magazine yesterday. Jillian has her own diet in there. I am so confused. Has alot to do with Hormones & fat burning foods.She does use a wedge of laughing cow swiss. Now she doesn't mention use *any flavor* just swiss. Not sure why.
    Anyway I really need to educate myself on this to understand the foods she has chosen & the ones to avoid.
    Ok girl looking forward to next week for you & following your journey. Proud of you the next *Jillian Michaels :)

  2. I love your enthusiasm. It's seriously inspiring. Congrats on staying with your plan. That's AMAZING!!

  3. Ro! NO WAY! LOL You are so cute =) A girl can only DREAM!

    Anyway, love Self magazine! A girl in our BC is actually an editor there =) She IS my inspiration. You should see her she is soo fit! and she had a baby a bit ago! LOL

    Keep researching and reading and it will all come together! I promise!

  4. Kristin wow that is awesome you get to work out with an editor from Self OMG yeah an inspiration!!! I am impressed wow .

    Yes I am going to research I love learning new things. I just got a subscription to Self should be getting it in about 4-6 wks. Finally did something good for myself :)

    Ok looking forward to your blog next week. YOU are my inspiration :) I just bought this week.. ahem a pair of jeans a size smaller & I AM GOING TO FIT INTO THEM !!!!

  5. Joy - I dunno why I am just now seeing your post, but THANK YOU! Those few words mean SO much!!!