Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 12 Week Get Down or LAY DOWN Challenge! Plus a Tummy Picture (my first one!)

So, what the hell is happening to my body?! Inches are falling off, but the weight does NOT want to come off. In fact, it is REFUSING TO. it goes. I'm going to finally take the plunge, say my weight loud and proud and also even post a tummy picture!

NOT because I am settling, I'm not. Hello, if you know me you know that is just NOT me. But because I always want to keep it 100 with EVERYONE and so many friends have reached out to me over the past few months with struggles of their own and seeing all of them losing weight with my guidance and their sheer perseverance has really just touched a cord in me. I could care less if people are judging the tummy picture or MY NUMBER.

The number isn't really the issue any more, it's my fat vs. muscle! I have got to lose 20lbs of fat within the next 12 weeks so I'm setting myself up for success. I have a plan laid out and yes even a cute poster board with inspirational pictures and outfits etc and yes it may be a bit nerdy but damn that's the Virgo in me coming out!

Forgive me if I am rambling as I am swamped and have to get this up for all of you, because I will be posting a breakdown later in the week of what exactly this inspirational board is and what else I'll be posting on this 12 week journey. My goals etc and I HOPE that some of you follow along with me, ESP if you're looking to lose those last 10-30!

After much debate, here is the 1st tummy picture which will be updated every four weeks and help keep my ass on track. It's not perfect and the Lord knows I have major work to do on it but it is a FAR cry from 65lbs ago!

I currently weigh 156.2 (with a goal of 135 tentatively) so, here it is:

I am currently in a size 8 jean and would prefer to be in a 6 or possibly a 4 depending on how much weight there is of fat left after the next 20lbs. There is MAJOR work to be done there and I don't ever want to kid anyone by sucking in or ish like that and I'll probably post some side views once I'm a BIT happier with the shape...I should probably also do arm photos etc. One thing you will NEVER see is my ass. Until it is as big as JLO's....I refuse. LOL

Anyway, I have GOT to get going to Spinning class as I'm going to try to do the hardest cardio in classes as possible because it seems when I work out on my own, I do about 35 minutes cardio and call it quits. If group classes work best for you, GET ON IT!!

I'll post more tomorrow or Friday!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!


ps. I wore my first (what could be considered) Little Black Dress on Monday night and it was kind of AMAZING!!! I also tried on this BCBG dress I could've NEVER have worn back in the day, I almost got it but then remembered I still have 20lbs to go!

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  1. Ghostreader : ) I'll comment!
    Hey Kristen, I am a fan of your work and am so proud of your progress. I have not read the beginning but I do enjoy your blogging. It is muy inspirational. I miss hearing from you in the FB world. I hope everything's well and keep up the good work.