Monday, April 9, 2012

Quitting Smoking & Gaining Weight...oh, AND Losing It!!!

On April 14th it will officially be 3 months (or 13 weeks) since I stopped smoking. When I embarked on this journey I knew I would gain weight back, I never knew how much. I knew I'd be irritable and I knew I would eat more and work out less. During this time I also started a new job, one on a live show AND moved to a new place. Through all of this, I knew I'd gain weight, again...I never knew how much.

Could I have stopped myself from gaining? Of course, but I knew if I tried my resolve would break somewhere. It's easier to lose weight than to stop I had to choose my lungs on this one.

I also knew that in order to continue to NOT smoke and make for a better Kristin in the future, a healthier Kristin...I had to know myself enough to know what I was capable of and not capable of if I wanted to KEEP FROM smoking forever.

I called in help from an old bff of mine, Anna B., who works in researching smoking cigarettes and she told me to allow myself food as comfort when trying to stop my addiction to something as strong as nicotine.

During the past three months I have gained 17lbs. It's ALOT. I've also gained control over my feelings towards cigarettes. Do I still think about them? Yes, but A LOT less. I also just tell myself no. It's been such a struggle but this blog isn't really about quitting smoking, it is about me embarking on a healthy lifestyle, knowing my limits and my worth and pushing through to my goal no matter the length of time it takes.

Today was the first day I trusted myself enough to FULLY 100% commit back to a healthy lifestyle of working out 6x a week and eating healthy again to the point where I KNOW I won't smoke.

I have a feelign this journey is going to be a lot different then the last one. I want to lose 40lbs. I know it may seem excessive, especially to those ofy ou who tell me I have no where left to lose, but trust and believe, I do. I also need to gain back any muscle I've lost over the last 3 months.

At the end of July, myself, my sister and cousin and Anna B. are headed to Jamaica for a girls vacation. I plan on being down at least 30lbs by then.

The plan this week is to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred for a week or two weeks and then once my body has adjusted back to exercising, jump in to a 60 Day INSANITY session nonstop.

This is the plan and I hope you guys will again, have faith and trust in me and the rest of my life and know that this journey NEVER stops.

In fact, I'm super excited to be back at it and THIS TIME with healthier lungs!! I can FINALLY say when I reach my goal this time, I'll TRULY be COMPLETELY healthy. =) With no vices. =)

Liquor Out. Smoking Out. Working Out IN =)


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  1. You. Are. Amazing. I dub myself as your biggest fan. I truly believe that there is nothing that you can't do. I am behind you...cheering and rooting!