Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day for Working Out!

Today was absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE working out in Lincoln Park! I actually prefer it over the downtown area. I love running on the track and also the people in that area are a ton friendlier! AND you don't have to deal with busy people on their way to work while staring you down!

Needless to say, today was a good day =) I don't have much time so let me just write that we did the bleachers! I HATE the bleachers, usually I do two and call it a day. Today, thanks to F! I pushed myself and did them with everyone else. Felt good, AFTER it was over =)

I absolutely abhor burpees. I think they are the worst of the worst. It's like get down, kick out and stand up, oh and do it all over and over and over again! It's just too much work for my lazy ass and I'd rather stay in one spot working out =). I did them but with MUCH chagrin. It's going to take awhile before I get used to those. Like I said, I'm lazy. =)

I know I promised you all pictures today but (and this could be TMI, so look no further if you hate TMI) my lady friend came for a visit and um, I'm totally bloated and kind of miserable so I will be refusing to post pictures until next Monday. =) So that means on weigh-in day you guys will have the knowledge of what I gained AND new updated before and after pictures to prove it! Oh joy!

Anyway lovely people, I'm off...Much love and respect! Remember, take care of your bodies TODAY because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, but most importantly, it's not promised to those that are ASKING to be unhealthy!


ps. Totally excited for Biggest Loser tonight! Anyone else? 

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  1. TOTALLY LOVE BIGGEST LOSER!!! Been watching it for years!! YAY :D