Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Saturday!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, it is D's birthday week/weekend and I have been planning away. I actually just came in from boot camp and woke him up with his favorite breakfast in bed (for me, 2 eggs & skim milk for me) and a cake with candles lit. He stumbled out giving me a grimace, he is so not a morning person. HA!

Anyway, so today was my first day at boot camp since Wednesday! Both Thursday AND Friday we were rained out!

W keeps telling me I have to push myself etc. It is hard! I felt like I was accomplishing something just by being there on a Saturday! My brain was playing tricks on my body. It's all in your mind set. I quickly let go of that and then pushed through.

I'm noticing major changes in my body. I am actually getting somewhat of a would be great to go out and purchase a ton of new clothes that fit me correctly because everything I own now is baggy. The problem with that is, what happens in a month or two months from now when I've lost even more? I know I'm going to have to give in eventually but usually when I buy new clothes after dropping a few pounds, I feel so good and confident in them that I quickly go back to my old habits thinking somehow Iad  won't gain the weight back. I'm not even gonna play myself this time.

In boot camp, we had to do these awful coordination things. I don't even know what to call them. They were on this ladder that I despise, basically quick feet movement. W said I was light on my feet, funny! All I could think was that I felt SO fat. And honestly, the past few days I've been feeling lighter and lighter, UNTIL I get around all the other women who are breezing through the obstacles.

One last thing before I go off to enjoy the day with my love...I HAVE KNEES. I dunno why but I'm like THRILLED with this. I've always had nice legs, or so I always thought. Besides the fact that they are pale....but over the past year my knees were harder and harder to see. I can SEE THEM! There is BONE there...and I can feel where my body has gotten firmer and firmer. I really need to work my inner thighs though. Those aren't nearly as tight as they should be in my opinion. But then again, neither is my ass. (upon re-reading this, that doesn't sound right, but I mean high and FIRM...not tight..where it concerns my buttocks. K? I hope you get it...).

Moving on....

I'm gonna keep pushing through. This weekend is going to be hard. I already told D that he had to eat ALL of his cake because I just can't risk it. I'm trying to push myself this week and get over the hurdle of losing only 1-2 pounds. I'm really hoping I can do it!

I'll let ya know if I fall, if I do, I'll tell you one thing...I won't binge. I will go back to maintaining.

Love you all!


ps. If you still haven't heard Mariah's new Christmas song "Oh Santa", LISTEN to it! Download it! AMAZINGNESS! Or..just catch me cruisin by blaring it (while D sits embarassed) all October/November/December and well into January. =)

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  1. Kristin you won't go back because of how far you have come girl !!!! Your body image is changing & you love it <3

    The best thing is you are doing it for you & I love you for that.

    Enjoy your weekend with your man. <3