Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday & I'm Ready to Get it In!!!

Happy Halloween Weekend!!!

I personally, am not a huge fan of Halloween, however I can definitely appreciate those that are. I got very nostalgic just a few minutes ago when I saw children walking to school (with their parents) all dressed up. It was so darling! I can't wait to have one child to be able to dress up so she can win every contest there is in the school Halloween costume contests! Or wait, is that just a Midwest thing? Do they even do that on the Eastcoast? Eh, who knows...

I get so caught up sometimes! Moving on...Today's work out was FABULOUS! W had music playing! It reallly realllllly motivated me, if I didn't want to keep going I at least tried to stay on the off beats which was a nice little trick I played on my body. My arms are still sore from the resistance training on Wednesday but I am recovering. =) The milk definitely helps! When I tried one of those sugary protein shakes I could have vomited, milk is definitely better for me. I can't even believe I am beginning to look forward to drinking it! That just goes to show it is all about how you change your mindset.

If your mind isn't ready to make changes, your body won't have lasting results. That's just the truth of it. The same with any addiction, whether it's laziness, over eating, smoking, gambling or drinking. Of course I believe some are worse addictions than others but eh, you kinda just gotta say "Okay, I'm strong, I'm not weak and I'm going to do this". And then do it.

Anyway, I think I'm either going to make up the day I missed yesterday at 7:30am tomorrow with Boot Camp OR one of the girls invited me to her 2 hour Zumbathon at 2:30pm. Since I constantly diss Zumba (because it is purely cardio) I figure I should give it a try, well that and all of you out there in the land seem to LOVE it and I don't wanna be a party pooper and hate something I've never even tried!

Anyway, that's it for now. I can't wait til the weigh-in on Monday and I'm truly praying for a big loss.

ps. These cold days I am LOVING oatmeal for breakfast! What are your favorite kinds of oatmeal?



  1. Low Sugar Maple Brown Sugar Quaker Oats!! Yummy yummy in my tummy!! LOL


  2. I like non-low-sugar maple brown sugar Quaker Oats lol

    It's actually the only one I've tried!!

    And nothing is wrong with "just cardio" sometimes...
    keep at it, gorgeous! :) looking better every day

    Miss your face, too!!