Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside....WEIGH-IN plus Before and After Pics!

Gooood Mornting! (yes I meant the *ting)!!!!!

Upon waking up this morning I think I hit the 5 minute snooze a total of 4 times. I FINALLY pried myself from D's grip and got out of bed, albeit bitter and reluctantly. Ten minutes later, I'm FALLING, FALLING, GRASPING air, FALLING and then BOOM. Hit my ass in the shower. WORST.MORNING.EVER. Luckily I'm not bruised and I did not bust my head open (just missed the water spout). I think it was probably the longest fall of my life because I kept almost standing up and yet couldn't quite wake up enough to steady myself. LOL. Now that I think about it I can laugh and figured I'd share it with all of you...but damn, it sucked at the time. It was at that moment that I realized this was NOT going to be a good morning.

Then, wouldn't you know it, I heard the garbage truck outside. This stupid garbage truck blocks my way for about 10 minutes if I don't get out in time to go in front of it, I THREW on my clothes faster than fast and jetted out the door....forgetting my face mask! BRISK air hit my lungs and I was ready to throw up. Anyway, I made it to the car and JUST pulled out in front of the garbage man. WOOHOO for wins! Yet and still, I was in no way, shape or form ready for what was about to hit me at boot camp and I almost turned around and went home just thinking about it.

The air downtown is COLD and without my face mask I was left to the brutal winter winds and their force had me at mercy. We started off with a run and it was pretty great because I ran the entire way (yay for not smoking before boot camp!). We then came back, and all of a sudden he wanted us to do sprint after sprint after sprint. It was at this point I realized today was a cardio day and wanted to die. Anyway, I went out to dinner last night with friends at the Cheesecake Factory (and still stayed within my calories, cept for a few bites of carrot cake!) and I knew I had to work that cake off! So I did it. Next up was core exercises.

W said that we have to have a strong core in order to run. Interesting, I never knew that. W had a talk with me about pushing through the burn. I explained to him that was an issue for me. I try and try but sometimes I just don't feel like it. I can't figure out HOW to break down that wall. I try to remember the feelings I have when I DO push through it but it doesn't help. I don't know why it happens when it does, but I really wish I could figure it out. I WANT to push through and get to the next level but something is holding me back.

He also said something that...hmmm I guess I could say it is funny to play it off because of course it's easier to view myself as an imbecile rather than actually GOOD at this stuff being I've never worked out before. He said that he could tell I was athletic. Meaning, he thought I had an athlete in me. I told him how all of my family played sports and everyone was actually REALLY good at it, but I just went a different route. He gave me compliments saying how far I've come and that I really do have it in me. Of course I told him he was bullshitting me to get me to push through...but I really WANT to believe him. He says he doesn't bullshit so I DO believe, I guess it's just easier to believe that you aren't goin to be great at something you've never done before. I WANT to be at a ten and I feel like I'm at a 6. How the HELL do I break through!!!

I think all of this cold weather is really getting to me!

This morning, Y told us she has officially lost 34 lbs since she joined boot camp! I think she's been in it for 4 months or so! That is SO amazing! You should see this girl! She has asthma and yet she is running and going for it (and doing Zumba on the weekends too)! It just made me so happy to hear that!

Then, F told us as of this weekend she has officially lost 70lbs since January! AMAZINGNESS! This girl does boot camp 5x a week AND pilates and sometimes I believe yoga as well! It's just amazing what we women can do when really set our minds to it.

These women are my heroes and motivation. Everyday I see them I know that I can do it and they are there smiling and pushing me through til the end.

Now for weigh-in! This week I lost 3.2 lbs!! Which brings my total weight loss to 28.6 pounds! I'm hoping to reach at least 30 by next weeks weigh in! If I can do this, with all of my ignorance and learning as I go...ANYONE can. I have never in my life ran this much (okay maybe when I was a kid) or spent this much time doing weight exercises OR ate this healthy. The great this is, I don't miss out on much. If I know I want something sweet, I make room for it in my daily intake and then make up for it the next day at boot camp. =)

Here are the before and after pictures. I'm hoping you notice some sort of difference lol

BEFORE Picture

Front - Mid September

Side - Mid September

Nov 1st 2010 - Front

Nov 1st 2010 - Side

This is VERY hard for me to post but I know I've been promising them. This is me un-altered, No sucking in, no special fact probably the worst stance for any "fat" girl. Anyway, I hope ya'll enjoyed em cuz I sure don't! LOL

I truly don't know if anyone can understand how hard it is to put all of this out here...let it all hang out if you will. I do it because I trusted that my friends/family/people in general would be supportive and help motivate me and keep me accountable. Also, for those of you also struggling with weight loss. For the most part, I was correct. But it doesn't make it any easier. =)


  1. Awesome, Kristin! 28 lbs is such an accomplishment, but more so because you are making a lifestyle change and not just doing some crash/fad diet. You've always looked beautiful, but now I'm sure you feel as beautiful as you are :) Congrats!!

  2. Kickin' ass and taking names. You are super amazing, Kristin. I have no words to express how much I admire you for doing all of this.

  3. First I am soo relieved you did not hurt yourself in the shower :)

    These results are great!!! Your determination is remarkable.

    I really see how you are making progress & again imagine by Christmas?

    I love the fact you are taking control of yourself while you are still young Kristin.

    Just one amazing young lady in my book <3

    Rosanne xoxoxo

  4. ok so... only because I know you're ok now... I have to admit... i really did chuckle at your falling in the shower story.... because the way you described the almost fall almost faall going down BAM... i've SO done that... only i bruised my bottom and was veryyy sore afterward....

    Here's to not cracking your head open!! *raises glass of water* CHEERS!

    BTW: UR AWESOME!!! DEF can see improvements in the photos from beginning to now! ur almost at 30lbs! You know how much that is?!?! .. oh em geeee.... go you!!!

    miss ur face..

  5. You look fabulous! Congrats on doing such an awesome job .

  6. I am soooo totally proud of u and just cant express how happy I am for u. U look happier within yourself than Ive seen u for a very long time.The difference in your arms is great and the overall u is just amazing.Keep it up honey. U are not only beautiful, which u always have been, but u have a glimmer about u.All that know u are sooo proud of u. I love u any way u are.

  7. Thank you mommy =) I <3 you soooo much! Look at you posting on a blog! Go 'head!

    Everyone else - Thank you thank you! Your words mean SO SO much more than you could ever know =) Here's to dropping more extra baggage!

    Kellye - LOL Thank you for reading the entire blog, that falling thing...yeah. Girl, so funny...NOW. =p