Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BRRRRRRRR - It's COLD in here!!

Hola senors and senoritas!

Today at boot camp was a mind fuck. First of all, I have an injury, what is it? I don't know. All I know is that I don't *think* it's my shin. It's almost to the back of my left leg and it KILLS me. What kills me MORE is when people ...no. Everyone reads this so I'm gonna chill. I have an attitude and it doesn't stop when I come to boot camp that's for sure. It's not something I'm readily looking to change so I'll deal with it.

We had to do a lot of stairs and it hurt extremely bad and I pushed through for the most part but towards the end my leg just wasn't having it! So I did squats instead...over and over and over again. I think having any kind of injury is the worst part of working out. When you have it, you can't be at 100% so you immediately become angry with your body. I wasn't so much angry with my body today but moreso with just not having enough room to do what I needed to do (try to get up the stairs) because I was slower than everyone else and some people just didn't seem to care that not everyone can go as fast so maybe they should GO AROUND. Annoying.

In the future I think I'll have to stay to one side of the bleachers in order to make sure I have enough room to continue trying to climb those steps WHEN/IF I have an injury.

I did wear my face mask today and it helped! The cold wasn't SO bad but it definitely hinders my breathing.

One good thing is that I fit into a jacket I haven't fit into in about 2 years, and it was baggier now than it ever was then. =)

I just finished some nice warm oatmeal and now off to VOTE! Please do this people! We have a VOICE so make sure yours is heard! And while you're out there voting, pick up a copy of Mariah Carey's NEW Christmas CD - Merry Christmas II You! A ton of new tunes she wrote PLUS some old classics. =) I am IN LOVE with "When Christmas Comes" =)



  1. You know I pre-ordered that shit!!! LOL LOVE IT!!! :D

    Keep on keeping on girl!!! No matter what obstacles you encounter you're still pushing through and that's what matters!! So proud of you!!


  2. Melli!!! THank you love! HAHAHA I know you pre ordered it! GET IT GIRL!