Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's Black and White and Exhausted All Over? (Plus - Weigh-In!)

You guessed it, ME!

Just a quick FYI, this blog is going to be extremely all over the place and probably have grammar errors throughout it. I am exhausted and not in the mood to type anything other than what is coming from my head!

Sorry for not checking in yesterday, life has been one big heave ho of surprises! I love it this way though...truly, if you have negative people in your life (passive aggressive, always starting something, never happy in their own skin)...negative thoughts, ideals, just any negativity, See it, reach out and grab it and push it away from you. The sooner the better. I've cut off some major negativity and gained a BUNCH of positivity in return. I seriously am in LOVE with life right now! Always remember, you can tell a LOT about a person from how many CLOSE friendships they have. If they have too many or one or none? I'd probably say get out quickly. Life is for living, not living uptight! (That's jay ya'll!)

I am however, extremely exhausted. Last night out of the blue a fellow Boot Camper text me and asked if I wanted to head over to the Carrie Underwood concert with her. It was amazing. That girl sure can SANG! One song I had never heard before (why, i dunno) "Temporary Home", oh man, it touched me in so many ways....anyway, the concert started at 7:30 and didn't get over until 11:05! Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep!

However, imagine if you will being in an arena that serves hot dogs, cheese fries, pepperoni pizzas, soda, popcorn and chicken wings! Did I mention alcohol? I was FAMISHED and had no time to prep dinner so before I left the house I grabbed a banana, that stifled me for another hour. But once at the arena I had to find something healthy....I didn't let the smells get to me, I ended up settling on half of a tomato wrap with turkey lettuce and tomato. NO Mayo or cheese! But I did put a half packet of mustard on it for flavor =) I dunno why but I was extremely proud of myself for this feat! I guess because I proved to myself that I do have will power, but not only that, I was kind of disgusted at all of the people sitting around stuffing their faces with loads of shit that will take days to digest or just become fat. =( That's not to say it didn't smell good though!

Anyway, today's boot camp was HARD. It was indoors on a basketball court (which it will be at Mon-Thurs, Friday is indoors at a boxing studio).

Our trainer said today that we lack camaraderie. I have to disagree. We have gotten to the point where all of us know each other so well that I think we know each others moods and limits. We are always going to have off days and yes, maybe we could pump each other up more but I know I wasn't the only one who got a text or two after boot camp with a GOOD JOB from other girls in order to lift everyone's spirits.

Today was back to back weights, leg exercises, squats, suicides after suicides. I was so exhausted from it all. I can't say I don't feel GREAT because I do! Except, I am TIRED!

Being I didn't blog yesterday I'll now do my weigh-in. So yeah, the goal was 3lbs lost to make up for last week. Sadly, I didn't hit that goal. I instead hit a 1.8 loss. Am I super bummed? HELL NO. This brings my total weight loss 13 weeks in to 30.8! I am in disbelief! I know that next week is gonna be a big number. I feel it in my bones and my body, mainly because, I had an off week and it takes your body time to adjust and get back into the groove of things. I am REALLY back in the groove now.

I feel like such a new person. It is cool to just eat right etc. but when you incorporate exercise your body begins to SHAPE itself and get tighter. It is truly amazing to watch it as it happens.

I went shopping this weekend for just a FEW items. Like I have said before, I refuse to buy an entire new wardrobe that I will only be wearing for 1-2months. Upon entering the GAP, I took two sizes down. A 14 (I was a 16) and a 12. I tried on the 12 first, when it FIT and fit WELL I almost fell out in the dressing room. I NEVER come out of dressing rooms, oh you best BELIEVE I came out and showed D! He was so proud. I looked GOOD in them jeans too lol. I know it was probably crazy to spend 70 on jeans I'll only be wearing a few months but I find them to be a great investment for my self esteem.

I also had to buy a new bra. At this point, all of my former bras are now falling off of me, no...literally FALLING off. I have gone from a VERY VERY TIGHT (I'm talking last notch tight) 40C to a 38C and even fit a few 36's...but I think those were made big. I ended up getting a few 38C's and I'm pleased with the purchase! I also was able to buy a size TEN (Yes, a 10!!!) dress. It is VERY VERY tight and VERY VERY short but whatever. I'm gon' rock it and I don't care what anyone has to say! Only positivity!

I hope you all enjoyed today's blog! I am in a good place and I wish you all nothing but blessings. Your words of encouragement and comments have allowed me to get this far. You make me accountable even when I don't want to be.

When I made the decision to start a blog AND post it on my Facebook page where EVERYONE could read it...I knew it would cause a lot of people to read and a lot of people to laugh at my past failures (the ones not comfortable in their own skin) and a lot of people who really could relate. But I did it for the GOOD people AND mainly to motivate myself. I don't fail. I succeed. I don't care how long it takes me...I will reach my goal weight, goal size and damn it, I WILL get an ass. =)

Until next time,


  1. FYI, Happiness is contagious. I love reading your blog. In fact, I look forward to it. I guess that's why I'm always commenting. I'm just so glad to see how well you're doing. Keep kicking ass & taking names.

  2. OMG to be in that venue & not eat? Kristin you rock !!!!! Losing that much weight, buying your clothes so much smaller ohhh what a feeling !!! Love it just love it !!!
    You keep me going I think of you when I want to eat alot of junk at night and what would you do. Thank you for sharing this with us !!!! Diva <3
    Love Rosanne xoxox

  3. THank you sooo much ladies! Nzinga, positivity and happiness IS truly contagious! Continue to surround yourself with people who are positive and always stay positive no matter what the situation! It's hard but it's a good goal to set, although I fail sometimes (like when I want to hit someone) I plan on staying on track as much as possible LOL

    Rosy! THANK YOU! One tip I have is that if you want to eat bad stuff, TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! Limit yourself, I keep 100 calorie packs of graham/chocolate cookies. I KNOW I cannot eat more then one a day, and I stick to it, even if it's at 10pm! Also, weight watchers has some really yummy ice cream dessert bars/sandwiches! Try them out!