Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soooo I went off plan...

Hello lovelies -

So, I'm so sorry I haven't written in awhile. It has been an EXTREMELY busy time in my life. Needless to say...I have a lot to catch you up on but because I'm short on time, I'm going to try to do it very quickly.

Last Friday we had our first boot camp where we did boxing! I had yet to receive my boxing gloves so I had to borrow W's. It was INTENSE! I never in a MILLION years imagined that boxing would be so hard. I truly thought "okay, 1 2 punch". I apparently used muscles (and so did the other girls) that we never use during boot camp, or under-worked muscles or something. That in itself is CRAZY because we work out every part of our bodies! Anyway, boxing is HARD core. Then, in between jabs and punches and the extreme cardio that learning how to move in a ring gives you, we had to do push-ups/sit ups etc. IN OUR BOXING GLOVES! You try this, I dare you. It's HARD. I had extreme muscle pain all weekend long.

As per my blog last week, we had no boot camp on Monday or Tuesday because W was out for personal reasons. He sent us all instructions on what exercises to do, I fully intended to do them, but I didn't.

Part of the issue was this: On Friday night I went out with my closest girlfriends. We went to TGIF's and man, I ate stuff I shouldn't have. I'm not going to say I went overboard, I didn't. I mean I could have gotten french fries and everything else, I just ate my ENTIRE meal which honestly was enough to feed 3 people. THEN we went to the movies to see "For Colored Girls". Of course my girls get popcorn and I literally downed HALF of one bag! AND drank the diet soda to wash it down! Then I even ate a few pieces of licorice! I was SOO SOO mad at myself, but not mad enough that the next day I got back on track.

Instead, I ate off schedule and pretty much whatever I wanted. D and I even went out to eat and when I found out the restaurant didn't serve turkey burgers I said eff it and got a regular hamburger (no cheese!) and even FRIES! Fries are something I give myself once a month as a reward at the end of every boot camp cycle. See, the thing here is, I am and have and probably always will be ADDICTED TO FRENCH FRIES. It is a sickness but I love em all, big small, curly, salty, hard, soft...doesn't matter. GIMME GIMME GIMME. So I DO have to place limitations upon myself or I will eat french fries in pounds!

Rules are good. They are set by me and I need to follow them. Period. Once again on Sunday we went to church with D's mom. She then told us we were going to a buffet. At first I protested, I knew I had to get back on track and no buffet was going to help that. She was totally compliant and said we could go wherever I wanted. Needless to say, I just told her forget it we could go to the buffet. I ate my ass off. I am ashamed (but have to fess up) to say that I ate two slices of apple pie AND ice-cream. I did NOT however have any more than TWO french fries lol. Yes, I literally put two french fries on my plate LOL. I know I would have eaten more and even greasier items had I not been thinking what a failure I was being in the back of my mind.

Everyone is allowed A slip up right? My day was bound to come.

Well, heres the thing. I was aiming to lose 3 pounds this week and THANK GOD I didn't gain...but I only lost 0.4. I'm not proud of it. I don't relish in it. I'm pissed. I guess the anger is good because I'm back in boot camp and today was INTENSE. I mean INTENSE INTENSE. Probably one of the hardest days ever. Seems he just keeps pushing me to the brink.

Anyway, I've been on plan since Monday and even went out to eat with my bestfriend Tai last night and didn't go off plan. =) Here's to hoping I can drop those three pounds this week that were supposed to come off last week.

Love you all,

Picking myself back up - K


  1. Kris, first let me say if I went off plan I would of gained alot of weight lol. To still lose weight honey that rocks !!!
    We do slip up at times & I know when I was working out I felt sooo guilty because of all the hard work I put into it. But ok so you went off plan, it happens. You still did not go way overboard. Now you appear more determined & I love it .
    You have me walking & also my roomie Sharon is walking as she goes out for a smoke. I share this with her & you have inspired both of us :)
    You lost alot of weight, worked so hard I give you so much credit & I do think of you when I want to give in to eat something which my problem is after supper. I have the dannon light & fit & just eat it slowly to enjoy :)
    You are the best & I thank you, Sharon thanks you !!!
    Now we need to figure out the holidays lol. With me being Italian it is going to be hard as it is for everyone regardless.
    You are doing great hon <3
    Hang in the kiddo Love Rosanne xoxox

  2. Kristin, it says a lot that after all of that you still LOST weight. Keep your chin up, diva, you're doing fantastic. We're all our own worst critic.

  3. I feel your french fry pain! I usually don't order them anymore and instead made my guy jump on board with splitting an order. That way I still get my fry fix because I'm way to addicted to even try giving them up.