Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Back B*#&^!!!!

It is now officially Friday and I have been back on the wagon for five days!! It feels SO GOOD!

Today was a boxing day at boot camp. LOVE IT! HATE IT! Such a weird relationship. I found myself not wanting to get out of bed this morning and then just as I had convinced myself I needed more sleep, something weird happened. My body would NOT let me go back to sleep, it was great. It forced me to get up and I knew that I had to go.

I find the stance we have to have while boxing to be the hardest part of boxing...that and keeping my hands up to my chin in between punches. W really kicks our asses during boxing and while I appreciate it, I think I need more water breaks lol. He does play music though (that I made the mixed CDs of!) and that TRULY TRULY helps me! I love having a beat to follow along to...seriously.

Anyway, I'm five days of being back on schedule and I KNOW (okay hope) I am going to drop at the VERY LEAST three pounds this week! I cannot wait til the weigh-in on Monday. I have to do this now...I'm almost glad I had my falling off this past weekend. I proved to myself for the FIRST TIME EVER that when I fall during a change of lifestyle (eating healthy) I can pick myself back up and jump right back on the horse. It is also good because it made me more determined then ever to make healthy choices during Thanksgiving festivities (one of which I have Nov. 20th). Thanksgiving is a time of thanks, not a time of gluttonous choices and feeding your body stuff which it doesn't want. If you fall immediately asleep after you eat, you obviously made the WRONG choices. Food should energize you, not put you to sleep. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Alas, I am off! Wish me luck! I AM going to go to boot camp tomorrow (another boxing day). YES! I'm going on the weekend. I owe it to myself, Monday and Tuesday we had off and I really need to get in every ounce of fight I can.

One thing I am concerned with is my ass. It is finally starting to perk up a bit, trust, I notice. But I truly only notice in the shower and when I'm wearing tight jeans and they don't completely fall off. I think the issue is I have to lose more weight first. I never had a HUGE ass, and I don't want one, but I used to (think High School) have SOMETHING back there. Now it's just a mass of ugliness, well it looks a LOT better then 12 weeks ago but I still have some fat to lose back there (think: A LOT) so I need to get all of this fat off and then it will be more about toning etc. In the meantime I'm going to continue to do butt exercises so that as the fat does fall off, what is lying underneath is firm. =)

I can't wait til all the fat is off and I just have to tone although I imagine maintaining a healthy weight and toning is going to be a whole new set of obstacles to overcome. Hence the reason I gave myself a year. =)


ps. Did I mention yesterday was the last day of working out outside in the winter? SCORE!


  1. Just had to say how much I adore your pic. You look so "fetch" in your pink gloves. LOL

  2. GIRLLLL!! I freakin love your pic!!! You look amazing!!! Lovin the pink gloves!! You know I trained in Muay Thai for almost 3 years!! I totally know the love/hate relationship in the beginning. It takes PRACTICE the stances, the combination, but once you get it, are going to drop that hate part and LOVE it!!

    Keep up the good work!!! xoxoxo
    Melli :D

  3. Great job getting back on track!

  4. Thank you Lisa!

    Nzinga - Haha Thanks girl! Your new profile picture is FETCH! "Now stop trying to make fetch happen"!

    Melli - You are soooo sweet. I remember you telling me you trained in that!! At the time I had no idea what it was lol. I wish you lived up here still =(