Friday, October 1, 2010


Both today and yesterday boot camp was canceled due to inclement weather. I'm not happy but I'm safe. Ha!

I am going to do some work outs at home tonight but I much rather prefer boot camp. I'll be going to tomorrow's session as long as it isn't raining and it gets canceled.

On another note, I don't have much to report besides the things you all already know. Including that the goal this week was 4lbs (We'll know on Monday if I reach that). I'm trying to get over the hump of only 2lbs a week!

This weekend is D's birthday so it's going to be tough!

To add some cheer to all of you, here is a link to the MOST AMAZING SONG EVER! Mariah's new Christmas song off of her unreleased new Christmas album. Mariah Carey - Oh Santa

If ya want the lyrics, just ask =)

Santa won't ya come and make him mine this Christmas...

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