Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sick as a Dog...What does that even MEAN?!

So, you guessed it. I'm sick! WTF. How do I go two years without getting sick being fat and overweight and so unhealthy and then get a sore throat that is turning into a cold/flu?! The answer is beyond me.

I have a HUGE day tomorrow and really can't afford to be sick. What I also can't afford is to gain weight. Yes yes, I'm supposed to drink orange juice (ugh it's so not in my calorie intake!) and tea, and soup and all of these medicinal products but fuck me.

Right now I have soup heating up and am about to take this Cold Eeze. Apparently Cold Eeze has Zinc in it and it is supposed to help. =(

I did push through at boot camp today although I really didn't want to go and I also only rated myself a 2.8 of effort out of 5. I probably could have done better but I'm sick! It was a miracle I even went today.

Alas, tomorrow is a HUGE day for me and I'm not sure I'm going to make it to boot camp. If I am feeling better, I will definitely go. As of right now? I'm going to eat this soup and take my medicine and drink the nasty OJ and tea and then hit the bed....until I have to get up to get my eyebrows done and wash this mop of hair. =(


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