Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Back with a Vengeance! - And Weigh In!

Helloooooooo!!! I can't believe it's been so long since I last updated! I must say, in my defense, I was sick. When I am sick, to me, the entire world stops spinning and the most important part is me getting better. That involves a lot of google searches on my illness along with finding out that exercise is NOT okay when you are sick with what I had. Which was essentially the flu. Running in cold weather is already hard on your lungs, running in cold weather when you are sick? Huge NO NO! I could barely breathe when I tried!

I am now in the late stages and hoping it is fully gone by mid-week! Yay!!

With that said, let me fill you all in on the last week.

I stayed true to the course and ate appropriately. Could I have done better? Sure! Could I have done worse? Definitely! The one thing about this "lifestyle change" is that I don't want for anything. Okay, okay, I DO want fries. Man, I miss those fried greasy suckers! But when I think of what they do to my figure, I cringe.

I did NOT however, work out. At all since last Monday.

This week is our week OFF at boot camp. We start a new cycle (4 weeks) next Monday and I am totally stoked!! Hopeful that it will be inside and out of the cold air! So what am I going to do with myself this week off? I am going to kick up my eating habits a notch in hopes that I can lose at least 2lbs by next Monday!

I must admit, when I lost that 25lbs (okay 24.6 or whatever) I was really feeling myself! I mean, I was like damn I'm good! But in the grand scheme of things, 25lbs is 25lbs. My ultimate goal is way higher than that so I gotta keep pushing through! This is a lifetime commitment, not some fly by night thing I'm doing when I'm bored.

I do feel different when I don't exercise. I don't really like how lazy I feel...not sure if it was the sickness or me not working out but I'm willing to bet it is a combination of the two. So, with that said, I will repeat, I cannot WAIT for the next cycle of boot camp. I'm really going to try to up my game in boot camp as well. I'm even going to try to cut back on cigarettes to see if I can't increase my endurance. =)

I really wanted to join this Halloween 5k that Hoboken is putting on, the problem is I know I wouldn't do well and would only discourage myself BECAUSE OF MY SMOKING!

All in due time, one thing at a time...

Anyway, now to the part that you all are reading for!

I lost not nearly as much as I thought I SHOULD have but I think it had a lot to do with me being sick and...okay I hate excuses. I'm shutting up.

I lost .4 pounds. This isn't as bad as it could have been. It could have been way worse. I definitely could have done better everyday last week. So, this week is a new week and I am going to seize it!

This brings my total to a full and round 25lbs in 9 weeks. Not too shabby. Hopefully, this time next week I will be up to 27lbs down. Pray for me!

Love you all SO MUCH!

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