Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Negative Nancy - AND WEIGH IN!

Unfortunately, this blog has to be done quickly. So I'm just going to touch on a few things, VERY QUICKLY.

Last night
I was unable to attend boot camp Monday morning so I made it up at the evening class (7:30pm). It was dark, rainy, windy and disgusting out. I never wanted to go to this class. I find it utterly hard to try to force yourself to do something AFTER work, which is why I chose the morning class. I still feel this way. We worked out for OVER an hour and I guess I was negative...on myself.

I stopped running because HELLO! I don't wanna fall on the slick ground and bust my ass. I'm sitting there in a class with people I've never met before and all I could think is how badly they probably thought I was doing. See, I've gotten used to my group of girls in the morning. They push me and I can help push them. I love them!

But I gotta say, one of the ladies in that evening boot camp pushed me in ways ...let's just say I'm not scared of ANY HUMAN...but she scared me into submission. I WANTED to keep going because I was frightened if I didn't she'd yell and I'd be embarassed. HA!

Anyway, needless to say, 10 hours later I was up and at em for round 2. Morning boot camp! The goose poop on the track skeeves me out. I really wish there were a cleaner environment to work out in with the same air flow, although today's air was quite cold and I didn't really enjoy that either. I'm working on being more positive and to just keep pushing through and I think I did that today.

I mentioned to the ladies that W said I was negative and they all disagreed, SO THERE! Hahahaha. But in my heart, I know I was definitely negative yesterday and probably a lot of times even in the morning boot camps. I'm DEFINITELY negative on myself.

I do have a problem though. My KNEES! They hurt, they are sore and they kill me. WTF?! I feel like an old lady. I think it HAS to be from me maybe not having all of the correct forms down when I'm doing certain exercises. I may be putting too much strain on them. I'm gonna have to start paying closer attention to that. UGH! They really are sore. =(

Well, the goal this week was to lose 4lbs. Remember? But D's birthday was this past weekend and I REALLY tried...but I did eat a few bites of cake and even a mini kit kat bar. I don't starve myself and I don't totally turn myself off of things I REALLY want. I just ask myself, is it REALLY worth it, and damn it that mini kit kat bar was TOTALLY worth it. Anyway, not so bad considering I stayed on track all freaking week and pretty much this entire time. I do have to find some cool new recipes though. I think D and I are both getting tired of the same 8 meals. =/

Anyway, last week I told you guys that I had lost a total of 18.2lbs 6 weeks into my program. Well, this is 7 weeks in and I am now down another 3.6 pounds! That brings my total to 21.8 pounds in 7 weeks!

The goal was to lose 25lbs by the end of the second boot camp cycle and I am still hoping to do that. With two more weeks left, I KNOW I can do this, but I'll need all of your support like never before.

Once I've hit my mini goal of 25lbs, the next goal is 40lbs and then 50! I know you guys are wanting to see pictures and trust, I want to see them too but I want to wait until the end of boot camp like I did last time. Besides, I'm scared there isn't a noticeable difference. =(

Anyway, I'm off, I got work to dooooooo!



  1. So proud of you Kristin!! Keep up the good work!! Oh..I like the SHAPE magazine for fitness and recipes!! I have a bunch if you want my old copies?! LET ME KNOW!!

    Hope to see you soon mama!!

  2. Kris omg what can I say? Your total weight loss blows my mind & I am sooo very proud of you.
    Imagine by the holidays? So excited.
    Great you did not blow this birthday weekend you did very well indeed.
    Take care of those knees, my aerobic instructor was a dancer & she hurt her knees & pushed threw the pain but not good. I am sure you will figure it all out.
    I just bought a sweater I love 1 size smaller because I WILL get into it :)
    You are a Stone Winner
    Ro xoox

  3. Kristin, way to F-ing go! I really hope you are not disappointed in your weight loss for the week. You were only .4 lbs away from your goal (which when you look at it is closer to 4lbs than 3lbs, anyways :P)
    Love you lots, sister. Keep up the phenomenal feats!