Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Hello my people!!!

To those of you who saw Biggest Loser  last night, feel free to read on. To those of you that did not, you may not want to read ahead as there may be spoilers.

When watching BL I always love to see how the person who gets sent home looks NOW! I love that most of the time they keep pushing and doing it on their own. Really opens my eyes to what we all (see: ME) can accomplish if I believe in myself. There is ONE thing that REALLY bothers me about these weight loss shows though. Spandex or Spanx (yes I own a pair and they are NOT comfortable).

Both Biggest Loser AND Thintervention are guilty of this. During the tapings leading up to the huge weight loss each contestant faces, we see them in sports bras, spandex shorts, the guys with their shirts completely off. (I would never do this, you couldn't pay me enough). Anyway, then, on the finale, all of a sudden when weighing in they all get to wear shirts? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

So they lose all the weight and then they can cover up their flab? OH, I get why they do this, they also make them wear spanx to hold all of the fat in to make the weight loss look more significant than it is. I find this such an injustice, I can't even stress it fully. Anyway, this is why today at boot camp when talking with W and F I brought up how I am petrified of having lose skin.

Of course, W said I wasn't even big enough to worry about that but I don't know if I buy that. I see chicks all the time with their loose fat and I don't want that to be me. I seriously would have to consider surgery if that were the case. Dead.Ass.Serious. I don't want a belly button like Beyonce or any of those other people that have gotten tummy tucks have, but I'd rather have their belly buttons than flab. I know a ton of skinny fat people, I don't want to be that. I'd rather stay a medium size (about 40lbs away from where I am now) than be skinny fat.

Call me crazy, call me mean, say I'm rude. I don't care, it's just my opinion. Anyway, that is what worried me today.

We worked out in the rain, I ended up rating myself a 3.7 out of 5. The rain discourages me. What can I say? I still pushed myself and after only 3 in a half hours of sleep last night!

I hope you guys are enjoying your day as much as I am enjoying mine!


ps. I should add, that I AM trying to be more confident. I don't even know if I'll have flab. I am working out so that I DON'T! That's all I can do. Pray and be confident in my skins ability to snap back. Good stuff. They say black don't crack! I got most of my genes from my dad, although I still say my mother is the prettiest woman I ever met. =)

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