Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Weigh In!!!

Hello all of you lovely people!

I am still under the weather so therefore this blog will probably be the shortest yet!

Friday I took off of boot camp to give my body time to recover, yet I still had a pretty busy day. Saturday I rested and Sunday I had a wedding to attend! I a piece of wedding cake! UGH! It was the smallest sliver ever and a couple bites of ice cream but I wasn't going to NOT have any. That's just not me and not how I want to live my life. ALL in MODERATION!

With that said, I still had calories left over so it didn't kill me. =)

Today at boot camp I really really did bad. I didn't feel like doing anything he told me to do. I actually hated our trainer for a few moments...for minutes...the entire hour. I was angry, sick and miserable. The cold air just amplifies it. I cannot WAIT til we are inside. If we don't go inside soon I may have to back out and do my own work outs at home. I can NOT feel this way AND work out AND go to work! Thank goodness for a day off!

With that said, here is what you've all been waiting for!

This past week I lost 2.8lbs. Not quite the 3 I was aiming for but it will do! This brings my total weight loss, 8 weeks in, to 24.6lbs. Not too shabby!

I went out this weekend and will definitely post those pics in my picture before and after thread next Monday along with the regular shots. =)

I'll also be talking more about the psyche I have been in with losing weight, clothing shopping and seeing people and how they respond to the weight loss or if they don't respond at all. My head is spinning however so I won't be doing that today.

I love you all and seriously, I'm petrified that this week I'm not going to drop anything. I don't know why but I feel like I'm gonna be stagnant this week so I HAVE to get pumped and step it up!

Tomorrow is our Boot camp's pot luck social. I'm planning on bringing some kind of wrap...maybe veggie wraps for the vegetarians and turkey wrapped in lettuce for those of us that love meat!

I know the more I lose, the more I'm going to have to strip down and count calories...I'm going to hate that.

Love you guys!!

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