Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday - Boxing! Ummm...Can I Just Pull Hair Instead?

Hello my lovely readers!

It is Friday and I hope you guys are ready for a fun filled weekend full of ...well, whatever it is you like to do on your weekends! I for one let my body rest and spend time with the man but this weekend we have a game show audition...Yes really. We always talk shit when watching this particular show, you know the typical "Oh wtf!!! We could SO do that!" or "Once we reach 50G's LEAVE, they are SO STUPID to keep going!" Anyway, I decided I feel confident enough in my endurance and fitness level (and the way I would look) to try out. D actually agreed to audition with me! He has high doubts that we'll make it but ya'll know me, I don't doubt myself. If we do, GREAT...I'm seriously getting to 50k and stopping...if we don't...Oh well! I work in TV so I'm not jaded. I know how it works!

Moving on, today was a boxing day and can I just state for the record, I HATE BOXING! I would rather just pull someone's hair and bite the fuck out of them until they are reaching to stop me from biting and then slam their head in the ground. I know, harsh...but I mean REALLY?! All of that punching wears me out. Hopefully I can get my arms in tip top shape so that I don't find punching such a chore. My jaw on the other hand has plenty of strength (from eating?) and I'm guessing I could bite someone for hours if they messed with me. =) Laugh, I'm joking! (sort of)

Anyway, we were all discussing how crazy we look in boot camp. I wish you could see us. Hair not combed, just water brushed over our faces, sweaty, no make up...just hot messes. I actually think we all look pretty good for getting up at 5:30am and running all around and punching out bags (and each other). It is funny to see us all dressed up though. That is why I love our mixers. One night we get to get all dressed up and see each other as normal beings and not super mutants. =)

Yesterday one of the girls from BC, F, sent me a GREAT link! It is all about how much endurance or muscle strength you lose if you stop working out. So, say you gained 50% of muscle strength while working out for 2 months. If you stop exercising, you'll lose 50% of the muscle you gained in 2 months or less. Stop for 4 months and you'll lose ALL of it. Crazy right? Check out this link: Fitness Bandwagon . It really is a GREAT read. I recommend reading it while eating your lunch. Maybe you'll wanna get up afterward and do some stand up-kick outs (Do em for me, I despise them with a passion!).

I found some other great articles on smokers who exercise and will definitely touch on that next week as that is a subject that deserves it's own blog. If you smoke and exercise...well let's just say that blog will be for you...and me!

I also received the most AMAZING e-mail ever this morning. A woman, L, who used to be in our 6:45am session (and now goes to 5:45am) e-mailed me to say she was up this morning and reading my blog. She said the day that I came to boot camp and (i wrote about this) F grabbed my hand to pull me along and she called out my name and told me to keep going and I DID, that was the day she realized boot camp wasn't just about being in shape...well wait, her exact words were "not just for the great workouts, but for the unsolicited support of women going through the same thing you are". That right there sums it up for me.

When it happened, F thought I would think she was too overbearing. L didn't know me from any other person on the street. I was a complete stranger to these women and yet they saw me struggling and THEY alone made me want to push forward. If complete strangers believe in can believe in yourself. Trust.

and with that...I'm off!

Love you guys all SO MUCH. And if any of you are in the Jersey City area and want to try out our boot camp for free, next week is bring a friend week! I'd love to be your host and bring ya in to try it out! Make those New Year resolutions NOW and STICK WITH THEM!


Sidebar: My testimonial went up on the boot camp website yesterday! Check it out here: Boot Camp Testimonial. I am the second one down. Although I am not at goal yet, I plan on getting there =) and once there I will definitely do an updated testimonial. I cannot testify enough! haha.

love ya!

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  1. First of all you crack me up laughing on boxing. I even had Sharon read it & she was laughing just love it !!!
    You know when I did aerobics back in 1902, I can remember our instructors, when they went on vacation, didn't exercise, they gained weight even though they ate healthy. Something does happen eh? I read about losing muscle. I however can remember when we rented a camp for 1 week, I did aerobics because I was addicted & lost weight I was very proud of myself then.
    Very interested in your smoking blog. I may get Ms Sharon to read it, she is cutting down but really wants to quit. Only smokes half a cig now. You can do it Kristin, you are a strong determined woman, one day at a time, one step at a time.
    Ok I am rambling now what's the plan for the holidays? I figure portion control, tasting what I want all those italian goodies but just a bite. I don't want to go backwards at this point.
    You did so good at thanksgiving losing weight !!!
    This Wednesday Shar & I are going to visit one of our friends who worked at Met life with us she is having a Met life reunion so many friends we haven't seen each other in 10 years.Everyone is bringing goodies. I can't even tell you the italian pastries she is buying, the cookies we ordered to bring, the snacks OMG I need to just fill up before I get there which will be by 10 am. Yes making a day of it HELP !!!