Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello readers!

If you're anything like me, then getting up this morning was an extreme effort. I actually laid there for about 15 minutes going over the pros and cons of getting up to go to boot camp or just waiting until work. I literally debated myself! Finally, I reluctantly rolled out of bed and got ready to go. The colder it gets, the longer it takes to warm the car up. Joy. =/

When I walked into that gym today the previous session (those girls are INSANE, they work out at 5:45am, Kill me NOW) were doing their stretches. I had NO idea what was about to happen to me. Hardest.Day.In.Awhile!

I TRULY don't think ANYONE can appreciate the workouts that W puts us through unless they experience it for themselves. It's not your average, hey let's go to the gym, do 10 minutes on the treadmill, lift weights for a bit etc etc. It's back to back, non stop, excruciatingly HARD exercises no one could think up. I am AMAZED by it all sometimes. Even seeing it before I started, I had NO idea it would be so intense until I partook in it myself.  Every last one of the ladies I work out with deserve a freaking award.

Because we have now moved indoors for winter there isn't a limitless amount of space. We are now confined to a gym (which I happen to appreciate) and so for cardio we usually warm up with laps around the gym and suicides and then focus on free weights, squats, you know the gamete of exercises...basically anything and everything you can think of and THEN some (that trainer of ours has a very creative mind)! For weeks I've been noticing I am getting faster...I sometimes hold back because it just doesn't feel right to be in front of everyone. I don't know...that's something I'm working on.

Anyway, when we do the running by the end of it I am GASPING for air, why? Because my lungs are black! I smoke! I'm insane! Who smokes at this age that is a grown ass adult?! UGH! I care about my face sooo much! I mean seriously, you should see my nightly routine of cleansing, toner, moisturizer...D thinks it cute =) Yet, I'm a walking oxymoron. Smoker who cares about her skin. Obvz not because wrinkles are going to pop up soon and EVERYWHERE! Boo!

Ah, sorry went off on a bit of a tangent. Back to boot camp. So, when I walked in I didn't know what to expect. You guessed it, CARDIO! It was nothing but straight cardio today with one little break to work out our core. IF you call that a break. We ran around that gym in all kinds of zig-zags and suicides and ugh! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

After it was all FINALLY said and done, our trainer, W, said he doesn't think he's EVER seen a group work out that hard inside. We pushed it! We did so well he came around and gave everyone a high five LOL - TWICE! That was cool. To know we all got through something - TOGETHER. It truly felt like we were at war and were running for our lives at times LOL. I wish I could tape some of this stuff! I think I'm going to see what he thinks about having D come one day and tape us. I really want to document this journey, if for nothing else, myself.

Doing cardio today reminded me that ONE kind of exercise isn't going to get you at the fitness level I want to be at. I don't want to be JUST muscles or JUST strength or JUST have endurance. I want it all. You can have the biggest muscles in the world but not be able to run, swim or jump as fast as me. I want to tone and be fast and be able to LAST. I can accomplish the first two in time easily but the last one...I have to stop smoking if I'm going to accomplish it.

All of that cardio made me look up what it stands for and the history of it on wiki. I wanted to know who discovered it and what it does..if you're up for a good read, check out: Cardio - Aerobic Exercise Wikipedia. It's definitely an interesting read. At least to me!

Anyway, I'm off to get the rest of my day in! Did I mention, I'm SO glad I got up this morning! =)

I LOVE how I feel. =)

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  1. I totally agree!!!! Although I was only able to come once, back in September (I think) because I live about 40 min away... it IS an awesome workout! And I'm a runner... and no stranger to hard workouts, BUT... this pushes you... and it's amazing!

    I only wished I (1) LIved closer and (2) Could go to this class even if I did live closer! I'd probably have to do the earlier class in order to get my life right before getting to work by 9am... but Kris... I have one thing to say: