Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are Those MY Legs?!

Hello readers!

Just got in from boot camp and whew! He said it was a "light" day but try telling that to my thighs and stomach muscles! The pain (NO PAIN NO GAIN!) yesterday was so bad that I had D check my entire body to look for bruises. I felt like my muscles had cracked! Well, it was BRILLIANT and IS brilliant! No matter if it is a "light" day or a "hard" day...the beauty of boot camp is, YOU are your own boss. You can choose to go through the motions or you can choose to push yourself as hard as possible.

I have a new method that has worked wonders for me to continue to break through my walls and push through the pain. I go and go and go, whether it is the ladder, push ups, tap downs, free weights, WHATEVER IT IS, I go until I feel like I'm going to throw up and I try to go FAST. Once I feel like throwing up I opt out, count to five and if I STILL feel like throwing up, I count to twenty outside and then go back in and start all over again with a new gusto. Usually after counting to 5 I am totally fine and can start again quickly. However, about twice during class I go out and count to 20 and then go back in. I'm hoping by the end of of this cycle I'll only be going out once during class. =)

As weird as it sounds, I try to feel like passing out or throwing up during each exercise lol. I figure if I'm not panting, sweating and FEELING something in every fiber of my being, I'm not doing shit. And why the hell would I pay to get a work out if I'm not going to put in the work?!

So, last night while looking at my body for bruises (Ha!) I had my leg up and was turning it...all of a sudden I saw...wait for it....MUSCLE! It was INSANE!!! D then caught me flexing in the mirror all night. I couldn't help it...I was so amazed at how my body is transforming. If my stomach wants to be the last to go, that's fine. The stubborn thing can stay round and protruding but my sides are going down and my legs are slimming and dare I say it? THEY ARE TONING! Crazy talk! If my stomach doesn't get into gear quickly it's gonna be very sad when the rest of my body is getting shown off and it is stuck underneath empire waists and sweaters!

You know, in the winter time it is all about jeans and boots and sweaters so I really hadn't paid too much attention to my legs. Except to note the fact that I can officially fit into EVERY PAIR of boots I try on and have room to spare!

They say the stomach is the last thing to go when losing weight. That's fine with me. I think I can deal with it. I'm working out NOW so that when it finally decides to go, there is a six pack underneath there waiting to shine. I know, I know, it could take a full year for that to show through. I have to lose EVERY OUNCE of fat on my body in order to show a six pack. I'm down for the challenge.

Once I am officially at goal weight then it will only be a matter of toning and tightening up my skin along with losing any additional body fat. That will be a whole other challenge (along with weight maintenance). I'm totally looking forward to it.

I don't understand people who try to lose weight without working out. I'm sorry. I don't. Sooo you wanna be skinny fat? That's so gross. Yes, I'm judging. Whatever! Why do all that hard work of eating correctly etc OH and saying "I am trying to change my lifestyle to be healthy". Well, I'm sorry to inform you but part of your health involves working out. If you can't run a mile, I'm gon' need you to try.

See? This is why I have gone on this mission. I cannot have these thoughts and not live by my own rules I set forth. I don't want to live my life being a hypocrite.

Anyway, I'm off!

Next week will be new pictures so I'm hoping to slim down significantly this week. Maybe 3 pounds? Maybe 4? What you guys don't know is my exact weight. I've never said it before...not sure I will ever but maybe. If I lose 4 pounds I will have crossed a thresh hold in my weight. 1. It will be my first goal weights halfway point 2. I will have lost more than 40lbs. 3. I will be out of the 1?0's. =) and moving into a new set of 10's!


Your comments, inspirational words and congrats mean more to me than anything in this world during the Holiday season. My life is in a REALLY great place and it is because of all of YOU. My friends, old and new and those that I have allowed to be a part of my life, Thank you for allowing ME to be part of yours.



  1. Congratulations on the workout!! I know, I don't understand how people think they can lose weight without exercise! lol.

  2. people who lose weight without exercise (well, if it's more than maybe 20 lbs or so) end up looking like cancer patients. so i agree. icky. who wants to look like they're sick?

  3. Haha you ladies crack me up =) Totally true! Glad I am not alone!

  4. I remember when I was working out my entire body image changed!! Yes working out & eating right is the key. However now I have some advice for you ladies :) Never ever sit on your legs. All my life my mom warned me but did I listen? No. I sat on my left leg at my desk at work, at home, everywhere. Even when I was working out & losing weight my knees were bad. Now they are bone to bone. So the only thing I can do is walk, yes it hurts but I must keep moving & since reading your blog I am walking more. I can do upper body but I can't work out the way I use to . I am convinced it was sitting on my legs all those years plus the weight gain. I am not giving up I am making the right food choices, I am doing this slow but I am doing it. I am 56 & if I had to do this all over again I would know what to NOT do. So please everytime you sit on your leg think about it, the position your knee is in etc.
    Kristin thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you :) Life is Good & will only get better. Hugss Ro xxoxx

  5. Ro - Thank you for that advice! You know what? I heard that growing up and NEVER listened. Now I know better and will do better! Everyone has to go at their own speed, just walking will help you Ro! I know you can do it =) Thank you for sharing in this journey!

  6. Kris thank you :) I know moving in any way helps. I love doing water aerobics. I took Sharon's cousin's class omg with weights it is so much easier for me in the pool.. Her cousin moved to Texas but she still teaches it, she has trouble with her weight, they came home this summer & she didn't want her entire body in pics lol. But just by JoJo moving I am sure helps her keep her weight in check.
    You my darling girl are my *Hero* I never sugar coat anything trust me on that one !!!! So going out now & walking. I can do this & I WILL do it !!!