Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Week 18 Weigh-In!

Good Morning!!!

I have a confession to make. I totally did not go to boot camp this morning and instead I'm opting for the 7pm class tonight. I still gotta go and get the work out, I just needed SLEEP this morning. No excuses, back in it tonight at 7pm and then up tomorrow morning at 5:30am to do it all over again!

My mom comes into town Friday and I am SUPER stoked. It's going to be a wonderful Christmas! She will be the first in my family (besides D and his fam) to see the "new" me in person! 43lbs lighter!

That's right! This week I dropped 3.2lbs! That is what happens when you go to boot camp EVERY DAY of the week and eat right! I had NO slip ups last week.

I am hoping to get down to my Christmas goal weight by Saturday. I am literally 1.4lbs away from it, so wish me luck!

Moving on...I am scared about the feasts and treats this season. So far, SO good. However, I gotta remember, ALL in moderation and truly, ANY loss is a GOOD loss.

Until tomorrow,


ps. Ice skating Saturday was awesome! I almost began to cry as soon as I stepped foot on the ice because I just didn't FEEL like I could do it. I felt awkward and unsteady and I just kept psyching myself out. Thinking I would fall...knowing I would fall so I told F that I couldn't do it and turned to go. Of course she says, "Just go around once, hold on to the edges, just to say you did it". So I do this and once again I decide to keep going. Ended up going around about a total of 5x and helping a little girl get around too.

I am going to KEEP pushing myself to do things that make me uncomfortable because I CAN do things that I never thought I could, or that I always said I would. The greatest part is knowing that even outside of boot camp, the girls from it, especially F! motivate me and continue to show me how completely awesome I am. =)

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  1. The saying always goes, "Purposely put yourself in uncomfortable situations to show YOU what YOU can do."

    We must step out of our comfort zones and take risks....always; hence my traveling excursions :)

    If I had life to do all over again, I'd dare to make more

    Great Job Kristin! Keep up the good work!