Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm So Beautiful and He Tells Me Everyday!

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

So apparently, I'm amazing just the way I am. =) That's kind of an awesome feeling to know that. least to D. He's seriously my heart and soul. Except...something happened a few weeks ago that really changed the way I view my life.

When I first started this journey yeah yeah, it was totally to "get healthy", "be skinny" "look good for my man" all that jazz but now, it is SO much more. A few weeks ago I realized I truly AM NOT doing this for ANYONE. Not D, not my family...NO ONE. I'm doing it for myself. When I see the way my body is shaping up, muscles sticking out that have never seen the light of day...those things are FOR ME. I'm probably the only one in the world who notices them. I mean, I literally was just sitting at my desk touching my arm and I could feel...dare I say it? A muscle. Yes it is there! Even if all you see is fat, all I see and feel is muscle!

Anyway, with that said, I would just like to state for the record, unequivocally...I am doing this for ME. I am LOVING getting in shape. I am dying to see what my body looks like when my fat percentage is normal. For the first time since starting boot camp, I truly believe what our trainer always says.."Everyone has a six pack underneath the fat". I just gotta get past all this fat to get to it...I know it is shaping up nicely with all of the work I am putting in. =)

Moving on to class today! It was a great day. It was totally hard to get out of bed but I tried to remind myself of how I feel AFTER class. What I forgot to remind myself of, is how freaking AWESOME all of the girls in the class are. I made a new mix for class (hello Mariah Carey Xmas music & Cee Lo!) and between singing our favorite verses (ps - if we can sing and exercise, we can keep pushing) and chatting it up, we exercised. A lot. Today was a pretty simple day, if boot camp can ever be considered simple. I mean, I think after Tuesdays work out, nothing can phase us for awhile.

Being with the girls of the 6:45am BC session reminds me of being a kid. High School days when you are in class doing your work but also chatting it up in between taking notes and just having a ball. Every day that I pull up to the gym, I am excited to get out and make sure my girls are there! I don't think I've ever mentioned A before. She wasn't in the cycle I started in but she has been in the last two and I'm really glad! (Hi A! I know you're reading this!) Anyway, if I miss a day she makes sure to call me out on Facebook and vice versa. It's just good people and good people are good for the soul!

Long story short, if you're questioning whether or not you should go work out, do it. Groups are always better than personal trainers. Not only do you get to meet amazing people but it is TEN times more fun!

Working out does not have to be boring. =)

sidebar: Today was a lot of free weight lifting and a few core workouts and some cardio! Did I mention my muscles? ha!

Tomorrow I'll try to be a bit more structured with the blog and name a study or two but don't kill me if I happen to want to just type whatever is on my brain.

This whole experience is so life changing. Truly. I wish you all could share with me what I feel inside. An overwhelming sense of ....purpose.



  1. :)

    Where are the triceps again? Oh yeah, they must be on the other side!

  2. LOL That was a good laugh =) So was "This is my song! I think I can get up now..." Hahahahaha I'll be laughing about that everytime that song comes on!