Friday, December 17, 2010

New Year! New You!! YAY!!!

Hello Everyone!

So let me first apologize for not updating since Tuesday! I would like to put all fears to rest, YES! I went to boot camp every day this week! Busted my ass so bad I sprained a muscle but still went and worked out. Feels GREAT. My leg is feeling a bit better today.

We had a boxing day today and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it, after W took some one on one time with me today to explain a few things. I have a hard time with balance and I've been working on my core strength a lot to build that up.

Soooo here's the rub! This week is the week our 8 week Challenge Kick-off was announced! How excited am I? Pretty damn excited! It all begins January 8th 2011!

Not only will there be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner (with awesome prizes) but he is also doing superlatives. Ya'll KNOW I love superlatives, well if you didn't know, now ya know!

The greatest part about the entire program he is creating for the new year 8 week New Year New You Challenge is the fact that it is going to push me to my limit. I am a competitive person by nature and now that I believe in myself, I TRUST I am going to win or place 1st or 2nd. (If I place 3rd I'll be okay too). See, I say this, and then if I don't place I'll have to back down. LOL Oh well!

F and I already have a breakfast date set up for tomorrow to discuss our game plan! HAHA, we are going to rock it. Or at least try really hard. The worse that can happen is we don't win but yet we still lose weight and gain muscle!

For more info on the 8 week challenge, ESPECIALLY for all you Jersey City/NYC ladies, check it out here: New Year! New You!

With that said, I am off to enjoy my weekend!

Doing a bit of breakfast in the morning with F and then we are heading to ice skate. Should be interesting seeing as how I haven't ice skated since I was what? 12? Hence the reason we are going EARLY. Hopefully the ice won't be packed. It will be a nice work out for my legs too. =)

On a side note, today looking in the mirror at boxing, I noticed I am FINALLY getting what resembles a butt. It may be small but at least it is shaping...I can't wait to see what a year in boot camp will do to it. I cannot BELIEVE it is about to be 2011!! Insane! I'm SO glad I started cultivating my beach body before the summer. =)

I won't have a six pack by THIS summer, but I should be at goal weight by this summer and then it will be time to start working on complete toning and a six pack for 2012!!


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