Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 2...Help me Lord


Today I was pushed to my limits. Our instructor knew I needed an extra push (even if I didn't want it) and he made sure to stand in front of my while doing high kicks (20 secs high kicks, 10 secs rest, for five minutes). Also ran around the track...And a TON of lunges, I swear I think like 300!! I am so exhausted, my legs hurt but my arms are starting to get better.

One of the ladies in the class told me how it will get easier once I'm not so sore and to just keep pushing through.

Even though my family doesn't live in the state I live in and they are thousands of miles away, we are all very close. And since I began working out they have been nothing but encouraging, their encouraging words help SO much to keep pushing me.

L also helps. She motivates me in ways she doesn't even know!

The class is hard, it's for any and everyone but EVERYONE is pushed to their limits. If your back, neck, lower back, and thighs aren't sweating, you're doing something wrong. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

One great tip our instructor gave us was not to eat before early am workouts. Another one was to drink a bottle of water (COLD COLD COLD) before going to bed. Your body has to work to bring the temperature of the water up to your body temperature, therefore it burns more calories! I love that tip! I mean, who can't simply drink one glass of cold water before bedtime?

Speaking of bedtime, I really have to work on going to bed at a healthy hour. I aimed for 10pm last night but didn't fall asleep (blame Weeds premiere) until 11:30pm when I had to wake up at 5:30am.

Upon waking up I DID NOT want to leave the bed, ESPECIALLY seeing my handsome boyfriend sleeping soundly next to me. I literally just wanted to roll up in a ball and have him wrap his arms back around me, but I didn't!

If you have this same problem, FIND A PARTNER! Knowing that I had to pick L up at 6:10am really helps me get up. Usually when you neglect your body it's because you're always looking out for other people and wallowing in your own misery. If you find that this is your problem, finding a partner is great because it motivates you knowing that you are also responsible for another person, and vice versa. Seriously, L is my Godsend right now!

Anyway, I'm off for now. Sorry if all of the wording is screwed, I'm exhausted! Sue me!

3 more days to go this week and I'm hoping that by next week my body has finally adjusted!

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