Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday - WEIGH IN #2 !!!

Hello my lovely readers =)

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I know I did!

I went out to eat twice this weekend, and each time before we left I checked out the restaurants menu's online to figure out what I would order BEFORE we got there. This was such a helpful tool to me. I do not want to give up the things I love to eat but I also want to plan for it so that I can make sure I'm still keeping within a healthy range of foods.

Restaurant # 1: Red Lobster.
Yes I know I know. The typical "hood fab" restaurant of choice for us black folk! Kill me, I can't resist!

I chose to order 1lb of crab legs (only dipping every 3rd piece in butter - I'm NOT giving up my butter!) and shrimp and grilled broccoli. I wanted SO BADLY to get dessert but alas, D was NOT in the mood to share one so we decided against it. With A LOT of attitude coming from me. I mean I was totally full but I was being utterly greedy.

I mean, I went OFF on him. As if it were HIS fault that he was full and couldn't share a dessert. Needless to say, once we made it out to the parking lot I realized how happy I was that I didn't eat half of a dessert that I had to apologize and thank him.

It truly is a blessing to have him in my life.

Restaurant #2

Who knew IHOP had a menu for people who want to eat healthier? When I was on their website looking at what to eat I couldn't BELIEVE my eyes! My normal meal there was over 3000 calories! WHAT!?!? 3000 calories in ONE sitting?! CRAZY TALK!

I instead ordered off of the IHOP for Me Menu . I ordered 2 buttermilk pancakes, egg substitutes scrabbled and two pieces of turkey bacon all for 400 calories. I ate slow and enjoyed my meal thoroughly.

It's the small things folks!

I went to bed last night at 10pm. It was extremely hard to pull myself away from the Emmys and not watch Enterouge or Hung or Big Brother (I'll catch up tonight!)...but I did it! My body isn't fully use to whatever my sleep pattern is, I think I confuse it a lot. I woke up at 4am when I didn't have to get up until 5:30am. That totally sucked. 

Mondays Bootcamp

Today I pushed myself 110%. Shin splints were KILLING me yet I found I could push through it. Not sure if it was just because of the rest this weekend but I decided I wasn't doing those lame moves and instead I would run with the rest of the girls. Everyone was ahead of me but I tried to stay within a block of the last girl and at the end I pushed myself and made it. May not seem like much to you, but to me it really felt good...even though I was battling splinters inside of my damn leg.

It was/is EXTREMELY hot out today. I was sweating BEYOND what I normally sweat. L then let me know that the more you sweat, the better in shape you are because it is your body's way of releasing or something like that. I'll have to look it up.

Okay so the time we've all been waiting for! WEIGH IN!

The goal was to lose 4lbs this week. Although, I must admit, I was hoping to lose more like 5lbs. I just weighed myself and I lost EXACTLY 4lbs. It isn't great but it IS goal so I can't be too disappointed in myself. I have a feeling if I didn't go out to eat at both restaurants this weekend, I might have lost more. Good to know so that I can stay motivated this week.

So that is 10lbs in two weeks. Not too shabby but not too great either. I found myself crying this weekend when I saw my face in the reflection of the car window. That double chin just WONT go away!!! I want collar bones! UGH!

I'm in an extremely weird mood but damn do I feel GOOD and motivated! I'm back to a healthy week of food. We did all of our grocery shopping and I'm looking forward to one of the girls, Y, from bootcamp, sending me a recipe later on this week that I'm going to try!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Thank you for your support and advice!!


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  1. Mmmmmmm....Red Lobster! Oh yea! Angela put me on to the cajun chicken and pasta back at Kean, and I've been getting it every since. Oh...and those bourbon peach scallops wrapped in bacon! Love those! Okay I'm hungry now.