Monday, August 23, 2010

WEIGH IN Monday!!

Yay! The day that we've all (okay maybe just me?) been waiting for is finally here! It's officially been one week!

It is truly amazing what your body is capable of. Last Monday, when I officially started bootcamp, I was extremely sore. I didn't admit it completely to all of you, but I knew it in my heart/brain, that I did NOT complete nearly enough of the exercises. I completed less than half of what the rest of the class was able to complete. I was tired, teary eyed, I felt like throwing fact, I would be hard pressed to find another time in my life when I felt more inadequate as a woman.

However, in ONE WEEKS time, my body has shown me what it is capable of and I am SO BLESSED to have it! How could I treat it so badly after all of these years? I remember thinking to myself last week "My body is so mad at me for pushing it so hard that is why it is making me feel like shit". In truth, it was the total opposite (of course I knew this but my mind was trying to convince me of what the heart did not want to believe). Sometimes, we just have to trust our heart (and treat it kind)!

With no pretense I can honestly say that I am overweight, obese even. That is SO so HARD to admit to all of you, even if you see it everyday, it is STILL hard to say out loud.  Yet my body WANTS to survive. It WANTS to bear children someday. It WANTS to run for miles on end. It WANTS to have nutrients to sustain. Most of all? It WANTS to PUSH itself so that I am able to live the fullest life I am capable of.

Today was unlike any other day at bootcamp. I came in and when we began running (always first thing) I may not have been able to keep up with the rest of the class but DAMN I came in about 2 minutes or less behind everyone else and it was a pretty far run! That's when I realized that my body had missed exercising over the weekend (yeah I never went to walk those dogs...).

It was an upper body day and it was pouring rain. I just KNEW W was not about to make us run on the slick boardwalk. The waves were crashing and the water was just pouring down. In fact, upon walking up to the area in which we workout, both L and I commented about how there was no way W would make us run on this. Huh? It's like he didn't see the rain. We immediately had to take off.

Once we finished running we began working out our upper bodies and it was so amazing. FORM is VERY important. I am still trying to get it down completely but I am getting SO much better! I can't even believe the things my body is capable of, I know I keep repeating myself but I am just in AWE!

My point is, if you are sitting on your ass reading this and thinking to yourself "I need to do something", GET OUT AND DO IT. Gyms aren't for everyone so if you're like me and don't "do" gyms, get on google! Type in your cities name, type in bootcamp or spinning class or Zumba (even tho I think that shit looks totally wack). Don't tell yourself that you're going to start out small and work your way up. Start out BIG and do what you can.

Everyone's bodies are not the same. Maybe you'll feel what I felt today after two days, maybe it will take two weeks. Who cares? You'll GET THERE. Believing in yourself and your future is half of the battle.

There was a recent study done that says in order for a normal weight woman to maintain her weight over the course of the years (on average women gain anywhere from 1-2lbs per year regardless) then they need to exercise at least 1 hour 7 days a week. You can find some info on this study here: NY Post Article. The reason I chose this article is because it shows you older women who raise families, work fulfilling careers and STILL find time to exercise an hour a day. Uh, hello people out there wondering if they can do it.

I started this blog to keep myself disciplined. To remind myself of what I was accomplishing everyday and yet now I'm getting so many e-mails from those of you who say it helps them. You have no idea how much YOU help ME. You push me in ways you couldn't believe and for that I truly am thankful. It also doesn't hurt that our bootcamp instructor isn't in your face rude and quite the opposite really. He makes you want to keep on keepin on.

This weekend D & I went shopping and for the first time since I was at home in Illinois living with my family 11 years ago (Hello 5 brothers and a sister!) I have a gallon (a whole gallon!) of milk in my home! I HATE milk with a passion but you need it. We decided to go with the 1% since I'm not too keen on the skim just yet. All in time.

I also was able to get some great stuff for salads, meals that are great for both D (he is 6'5 and works out but has to eat a lot of protein because for some reason I guess he likes gaining weight?) and myself. Last night I made turkey tacos and whereas I usually load my tacos with meat and cheese, instead I put in the lettuce and tomatoes first, sprinkled just a bit with skim cheese and added the meat on last. I can usually have anywhere from 3-4 of these along with spanish rice. However, last night I ate one. Waited 5 or so minutes and ate another. Just when I thought I would get up and get another one, my body let me know I was full. No need to keep eating.

It is SUCH a beautiful thing when your body talks to you and you actually LISTEN!

I almost had wine this weekend but decided there is no reason to waste calories on something so menial when I've always known how to have a good time without it. =)

Okay so now it's the time to tell you all how much weight I have lost in the past week. Drumroll please!

6.2lbs gone! Yes I did put that .2 there! Everything counts in my eyes! You may not think it is that much or you may think it is great! I don't care. I know that I'm doing everything right and I FEEL good. It's going to go slowly. There is no miracle to make it disappear. I'm doing it the healthy way without any pills or starvation. I am listening to my body and I'm loving it. =)

If you are going to do weigh-ins an important thing to remember is that it's not so much about the weight more than your inches that you are losing. Also, don't weigh yourself everyday, once a week is more than enough. Try to pick a time that is consistent. Such as, every Monday at 9am. Your body weight fluctuates because the body is made mostly of water. It is important to weigh yourself around the same time of day every week.

I'm a smoker and I've got to STOP that too! I know, I know. I love my body but I don't love it enough to quit smoking. Eh, I do but all in due time. Maybe one of you can start a blog on quitting smoking so I can get some inspiration? ha!

Love you all!


Also - Let me know if any of you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see here. Recipes? Tips on what to buy at the grocery store. Pictures. Anything at all. I'm not an expert but I sure love to read and it's all working for me!

Please feel free to post any advice or tips you may have as well!


  1. Thank you love for sharing this--you are inspiring me too! I actually have tried Zumba and LOVE it--for all the white girls that need a little more instruction---I highly recommend it!
    The hour goes by very quickly and I seem to always be a little sore the next day.

    As far as suggestions--I'd love it if you would share some recipes if you have them!

    Thanks again. I can't wait to see you in the Fall (fingers crossed)!

  2. You are the second person that hit me up saying Zumba is actually a great class! I may have to try one out so I can blog about it! And girl, HUSH! You have way more rhythm than I do! (Crossing fingers for the fall as well, I need to cleanse myself in that Lake Minnetonka of yours!)

    Yay! I'll include some recipes in my next blog!! Love you Annaaa! Thank you for reading!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss chica! Now if only I can motivate myself to work out. Went to the gym for the first time last week and damn near passed out. I was like oh yea....def time to go! Ain't been back!

    Love ya!