Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stress Level's High and the Morale's Low...

Happy Wednesday everyone! The work week is halfway over and we are on our way to a wonderful weekend. Keep that in mind as you all struggle to make it through this dreary day East-coasters!

Yesterday was hard. Just in case you didn't quite grasp that in the last blog ha. I was emotionally drained. When something like a sports injury (yes shin splints are a sports injury, see here: Shin Splints ) happens to you, you feel lost. It was my first time ever experiencing any type of injury to my body that was inflicted because of an exercise. I was confused, hurt, in excruciating pain and totally lost all morale.

As you can see, I am a wuss. I absolutely abhor pain and anything that gets in my way really brings me down for a minute, but I'm usually really good at picking myself back up. I think what made it worse was that I didn't have control over it. It wasn't like I could just dust myself off and hit the track running again, I wasn't given alternative exercises so it was either "hurry up and wait" or try running again and possibly making it worse.

However, with all of that said I have done some research! Yay for the internet-age! One of my closest friends in the entire world, Dr. M, is a physical therapist. After a lengthy text chat session and then a phone call and analysis she concluded I indeed had shin splints and sent me so much information on how to care for them (which is BEYOND painful) and also information on preventative care. The exercises and procedures I did yesterday to make my shins feel better caused me to scream. I couldn't believe she actually DOES this to people. I asked her if she actually got paid to make people feel like shit. She promised I'd thank her in a few days. Ha, I love her! I'm just such a priss when it comes to pain, hence the reason, if you are going to fight me, you are most likely going to lose because I don't like being hit. Not that I fight often or anything...=p

Here's some info for those of you getting ready to take on running (or fast walking), which is in my opinion the best exercise for cardio. Two things I could have done in order to possibly prevent this from happening:

1. I went into a Lady Footlocker and asked the sales lady for the best running shoe Nike had. She promptly brought me a pair. I tried em on. They fit. I bought. STUPID! I totally should have looked up shoes online just to make sure I was getting a decent pair. Turns out mine are okay but I totally could have purchased better ones. 

2. I should have looked at my arch! I don't have flat feet but when I stand my arch does practically disappear. Dr. M said this happens to her as well. I could have easily fixed this by buying inserts for arch/heel support or shock absorbent insoles. Dr. Scholls is of course the brand most people know and is affordable. I will be purchasing a pair today!

Needless to say, I've learned a lot and I have a feeling that throughout this journey I am going to keep running into obstacles. The question is will I succeed? Positivity is needed for success. I truly believe that if you have a positive outlook on life you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

The question is, how do you dig deep inside of you to get the motivation and positivity needed for change?

Each of us is different. For me it happens gradually. For others, they may constantly say they want better for themselves, whether it is in career, family life or health, but they never take the actions to make it happen. So if that is you, how do you find it?

There is a song by one of my favorite artists, Amel Larrieux, entitled "Magic". I had the opportunity to meet her once and have a brief conversation with her, during which she informed me my energy was extremely strong and that she could feel the "magic" in me. She even signed an autograph for me and it reads "Kristin, you got that magic, Love, Amel". At the time, I just thought okay, she loves me. I mean, I am pretty easy to love. But as I'm going down this journey, don't ask me WHY I thought of this, I realize we all have a magic in us.

The lyrics to the song go something like this:

"The stress levels high and the morales low and the wind is looking like it's about to blow.
Stop what you're doing and tap into your magic.
However you can, you must grab it.
Jump, Sit, Sing, Laugh, It's Magic"

You can see Amel sing this song live here:  Amel Larrieux - Magic (Fastforward to 3:35) 

That magic is our God given strength of faith, love and belief in ourselves. When we have low self-esteem sometimes our magic gets buried beneath all of the negative. It is then we are letting the "devil" take over our bodies and we are no longer in control.

If you're like me, not having control angers you. That is where I find my magic. Under no circumstances will I let someone/something take over my well being. We only have so many years on this earth and I plan to make the most of mine and those around me. No one likes a Crabby Cathy! I don't care how you find your magic but if you're going on this journey of life, you better find it!

On a sidenote, bootcamp was canceled today due to extremely bad weather. I was not bummed at all as I need time to heal my shin and I truly believe God is on my side in this. Everything happens for a reason.

I promised some meals yesterday and I was so busy I didn't have time to post any.

Want a quick breakfast?
I recommend keeping a box of cereal at your desk at the office. It's convenient and cheap and will help you when your co-workers ask if ya wanna head down to get some coffee/bagels.

My favorites are Honey-Nut Cheerios (hey it helps lower your cholesterol) and to mix it up, I also love a brand from Targe: Blueberry Granola Flax. 

It is by far one of the tastiest cereals I've ever had! It is healthy AND if you add a banana in, well it's even better! And getting enough fruits and vegetables a day is very important!

For lunch I choose to make mine the night before.

Tuesday night we had chili for dinner (made with turkey meat) and you can use your own recipe here and just replace the beef with turkey meat and I also like to use basil and REAL tomatoes and then take a cup or a cup in a half to work with you. It makes for a great dinner and also a healthy lunch the next day.I have the most amazing boyfriend who got up early to make it for me so that by the time I came home, it would be ready on the slow cooker!

Another suggestion is to make sure you keep fruits at your desk. Every Monday bring in an apple, an orange and a banana and just keep it at your desk so instead of running downstairs to grab a bag of chips, you reach for your fruit =)

When I have a craving for chocolate (which I often do) I reach for a choc chip granola bar which is only 80 calories. The supermarket has pretty great selections on these which have less fat or less sugar etc. I alternate.

If you are big on desserts, I recommend Skinny Cow desserts. Try to only eat desserts when you REALLY feel a craving. Listen to your body. If you're full, you don't need it. If you really want it, then fine, have one. But don't get into the habit of REALLY wanting one every night. 1-3 times a week in my opinion is fine. It won't set you back that far and honestly, what is life if we can't indulge every now and again?

With all of this said, I'm off to ice my legs!

I appreciate the comments, the overwhelming response on e-mails and most importantly, I appreciate you just taking the time to read my blog everyday. You motivate me.


Sidebar 2: Today is the anniversary of Aaliyah's death. Her music has helped me and countless others in being a better person and getting through the day. May she rest in sweet peace.

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