Wednesday, September 15, 2010


To all of you readers and to my body.

I have been eating right but exercise just is NOT in my repertoire the past few days! AH!!

I received the best gift a girl could get yesterday from a great friend, Floor seats to Jay-Z/Eminem Home and Home concert at Yankee Stadium! The concert went past 1am and I am EXHAUSTED!!! Did not get home until 3:30am!

Needless to say, I'm pooped. It was an amazing show though, does dancing and singing until your back, legs and entire body shakes count as exercising? I did just weigh myself (I do NOT recommend doing this, I dunno why I did it...) and it says I lost one pound but yeah, I don't FEEL it!

Back to working out tomorrow! Remember, it is the OFF week of bootcamp (new cycle starts on Monday) so it will be working out to On Demand videos or DVDs. Hopefully, when I'm home and relaxing I have the energy to exercise. THIS IS WHY I HAVE to exercise in the morning! By the time the day is over, I just don't feel it! I also notice my level of energy is majorly down without exercise.

Anyway, I keep saying tomorrow so I won't say that today. I'll say I'm GOING to do it tonight. Where the hell is my motivation?

One piece of good news? I was in a stadium filled with Salty carb induced pretzels, hot dogs, beer etc...and I didn't touch ONE thing, except a bottle of water =) I'm guessing my healthy eating is what is helping me lose weight but to be honest, I want to be toned and when I was exercising everyday, I noticed changes. Now I don't feel energized, instead I just feel fat.


ps. Any motivational words ...SAY EM! I need em!

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