Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Goal Properly Set is Halfway Reached

Hello all of my lovely readers. I feel so blessed to have my life to share with you all and even more blessed that so many of you care enough about me, to continue to read my ramblings everyday =)

Today's topic is about, you guessed it, setting goals.

After watching Thintervention last night, I was so disgusted with one (count: almost all) of the participants. It was amazing in the end though. One of the ladies experienced something that I experience every day that I push myself extremely hard. "the zone". It is the feeling I get when running, this amazing clearness of mind body and soul and it feels great. There is no question of stopping it's just GO. Jackie kept telling them to access their "inner warrior" but what does that even MEAN?!

W is constantly telling us to push through the pain, which is essentially the same thing. There are a million different ways to say this, and of course you can understand the concept, but can you put it into action?

It is SO much easier to give up. I used to tell D that he could never understand what it feels like to be fat because he's always been tall, skinny and athletic and he had no idea what it felt like to come from a family of obesity. I actually thought he was kind of a loser in that aspect. How strong could he be if he didn't go through what I went through? I threw MYSELF a pity party. I may hate pity from others but man, I love to sympathize with myself.

I know differently now. Yes it is hard to be overweight, obese and come from a long family line of obesity. That doesn't mean you have to follow the cycle. It's the same as any other situation you may come from. Just because you were brought up on welfare doesn't mean you have to succumb and continue to stay on it all your life. In fact, face it...you're weak if you do.

Setting SMALL goals is a way to get immediate gratification. My first small goal was to reach ten pounds lost. I did that in two weeks. The problem then came when I didn't reach my 25lbs lost fast enough. I thought for sure because I have dropped 30lbs in 6 weeks before that now that I was adding working out I would drop it in no time flat. Not true. The truth is I am eating better now, not starving myself and of course I'm gaining muscle. It's going to be a longer progression but my short term goals are helping me in this journey.

The next goal is to drop 25lbs. I am 7lbs away.  I KNOW I can do this by the end of this boot camp cycle. I just have to continue to step up to the plate. Sure, I could give in when I'm at boot camp, when W says to run two laps around the track, I could say eh, no thanks. He wouldn't yell at me or even judge me (at least to my face)...but is that truly going to help me accomplish my goal? Who am I cheating? I'm not cheating him, I'm cheating myself.

So the next time you are contemplating whether or not you want to get up and go for that extra jog or an extra ten push-ups, ask yourself if it will help you reach your goal. The answer will always be yes. No one can carry you on their back. The more weight I'm losing, the easier it is for me to run. I can hold more of myself up now. Not just because I'm gaining muscle, but because I'm losing some of that weight that I found so hard to carry.

It was a rainy day in boot camp today but I gotta give it up for myself. I went, fought hard for my life and pushed. It feels great.

My only hope is that everyone out there gets up, gets out and does something. Whether it be in your career, relationship or health wise. Setting a small goal will help you achieve your dreams. Trust. This small town girl from the Midwest who came from nada did it once and I can do even more this time. =)


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