Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes! (and Weigh In)

Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzupppppppp (said ala Martin!) everyone! Sorry, totally an inside joke between D and I but I couldn't resist.
(Note: Weigh-In will happen at the end of this post)

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC LONG Labor Day weekend and didn't forget what it is we actually were celebrating. I also hope you all kept away from all the fatty foods that come out during these days. I know I did. =)

I have a lot of ground to cover so let me start by discussing the weekend.

Over the past 3 days I did absolutely nothing. Okay, a little, but really not much. I spent time with D and his family (even got a workout in with his mom on Sunday!). I'm like a walking gym, she mentioned my blog and how proud she was of me and that she wished she could get up that early...one thing led to another and out to the car I went to get both of my yoga mats. Next thing D knew, me and his mom were running in place for 5 minutes and on the floor doing planks the next second!

It was fantastic! Not as intense as usual but it was weird for me to even have the energy to run out to the car to get a yoga mat. Duly noted in my mind. It is so important to note these small changes in myself. They are what drives me to keep going when I don't feel like I'm losing weight.

Which brings us to our next topic...I FINALLY NOTICE A DIFFERENCE! It's not much but it's something!

For as long as I have been fat I have wanted to get my collarbone back. Weird? Maybe! However, the collarbone, to me, represents femininity. I want to FEEL feminine and in order to do that, I need a collarbone (we all have our quirks-STOP JUDGING!). Well this weekend, as I looked in the mirror, smiling at myself, I noticed the first marks of a collarbone. In the place where my neck meets my collarbone there is a SLIGHT (albeit noticeable to me!)  indention there. OMG!! It's working!! I about died. No, really...I almost fainted.

Then, during workout today my pants kept falling down! SO annoying but SO gratifying. Although I am not looking forward to all the money about to be doled out to spruce up this wardrobe. It's gonna have to wait til I'm at least down a few sizes. 

Anyway, this entire weekend I felt like I wasn't doing anything. Yes, I went out grocery shopping, went to the beach, visited friends and D's family but overall, I felt lazy and I didn't really WANT to do any of it. After working out this morning, I realized WHY. Working out is an INTEGRAL part of my survival now. After only 3 weeks I now find my mood depends on that workout. I'm not sure if that is sad or good but it's almost like a drug. Eh, I have an addictive personality, I guess it could be lucky or horrid (cigarettes anyone?).

Over the past few years I've realized how much I DESPISE talking on the phone, this is so stupid, but now I'm in a better mood and I can talk and talk to T and not get bored! (Love you girl!). I also found that I want to judge people less (or more in some instances). I'm not so moody and critical of others, although I bet D would argue with me on that one. I just FEEL good. I can't stress it enough.

What you do with your life is YOUR business, but it ends up involving others when you're out and about and you move too slowly or you sit next to them on the train (Yes, I'm THAT girl). Or, as noted in our workout today, if there is an emergency and your family needs you, do you want to be panting because you can't get to your kids or loved ones fast enough? I do not want to be THAT girl.

I'm scared once I lose weight I'll start talking more ish about bigger people. It petrifies me. I think the reason I'm scared of that is because I feel like if I can do it, ANYONE can. I will say that over and over until it starts to sink in to anyone out there who wants to do it. IT IS SO TRUE. I am SO NOT athletic! However, I will be working to make sure that doesn't happen. I know it's wrong on SO many levels, sooooo I'll shut it. Especially because I'm still a big girl. =)

Okay, so now on to today's workout. Only 4 people in class today! Can you imagine? Today was a lower body day and W pushed and pushed harder. I love him for that! I came in last but for once, because of F, I didn't feel stupid. Everyone is so encouraging and it's just like one big love fest. My knees hurt, my thighs hurt, my core hurt!

And then it was onto something I LOVED and HATED all at the same time. A frisbee game that was designed to trick you! I totally went into this with my game face on (those that know me know I HATE to lose - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION). We were on teams of two, with W as the ref, and we had to try to run and throw the frisbee ....eh, it's confusing. Whatevz. Long story short, we were constantly running. Whether it was to make a goal or to stop the other team from getting a goal. Bottom line? We totally lost but it had nothing to do with effort, it was that damn frisbee getting caught in the wind! Okay, and maybe a little bit of me not really being able to catch it at the right times lol.

Ahhhh, today is a good day! The sun is shining and I'm smiling!

Now for the weigh-in.
I lost 1.8 lbs this week. A lot of you may be discouraged with this. Don't be. I'm thrilled. 1.8lbs is 1.8lbs less than I was last week and honestly I'm shocked it is that much. I ate a lot of carbs I shouldn't have eaten (albeit healthy ones) last week. A lot of grain! This week I'm going to try to cut it down more. Plus, my body is gaining muscle. I'll be burning more calories with these muscles but they also weigh more. My body is going to go through ups and downs, I'm just SO GLAD I didn't gain.

I'm back on the wagon this week, less grains, more vegetables (I hate veggies). Grocery shopping was great this week as we were able to find a lot of really fresh fruit and veggies and a lot of good lookin fish for dinner. D is even making jerk chicken this week with veggies. HA! I can't wait to see how that turns out. =p

Long story short, I am happy. Thrilled really. I am making progress and that is all I can ask of myself.

This is our last week of this session of bootcamp but I have 2 make up days next week so I'll be going to those and then probably to the gym w/ D the other days (maybe not, maybe I'll run and workout on my own). I will figure that all out as it draws closer.

Thank you all for reading and leaving comments, you know I love you!


Sidebar: If you have Comcast, call them and tell them THEY SUCK. But also, watch Thintervention on Bravo! It just started and although I think Jackie Warner's tummy looks disgusting...it's a GREAT show! Gives great tips on things you can eat etc. Who knew egg yolk was actually a calorie burner? I didn't! I've been cutting those mugs out of my eggs! Now I'll have two full eggs instead of 3 egg whites and 1 yolk.

Now I just wish Biggest Loser would start! I need some Jillian in my life!

Oh and a word from W on alcohol (which I'm banning anyway) but for those of you who can't give it up yet:

The average margarita has 3x more calories (550) than a Cosmo and 4.5x more than a glass of wine! Lesser of two evils.


  1. What happened w ith Comcast? I work for Comcast. How can I help?

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Against my wishes (j/k) I watched thintervention because you asked me to and I actually enjoyed it. It also motivated me, I'm considering joining a gym. I'm very happy for you and excited and you are kinda motivating me to lose these 40lbs that are weighing me down. I sit next to a girl with her bachelor’s in nutrition so I have that tool as my disposal and I belong to a salad club and I eat that every day for lunch so it's just a matter of me getting my big but up and working out. Thanks for always being so thoughtful and sharing. I know that it's not done just for you but for those that you care about. Love you!! Tiff

  3. Damn girl...you got the comcast people leaving comments and ish. This is hilarious!