Monday, September 20, 2010

New Boot Camp Cycle - Weight Loss Weigh-In!

Hello my lovey senoritas and senors. =)

Today marks the first day of a new boot camp cycle! How excited was I? VERY, yet ...not really. I mean, I was stoked to go and meet the new faces but usually I'm pretty much alone when it comes to working out 5x a week. There are other sessions (like the 5:45, but I'm sticking with the 6:45am session) where the girls come 5x a week but mostly, people do the 3x a week thing.

Moving on...we all had ONE week off! I ENJOYED it. I decided to let my body rest, not do any research and just try and eat right to the best of my ability. I succeeded! Not that hard to succeed when you don't have to wake up at 5:30am, however the eating was a bit hard. I'm getting better though.

What am I doing RIGHT NOW? I am drinking milk! WTF. I cannot STAND milk. I think it's vile, nasty...okay just typing that is making me want to spit it back up. Let me try to focus on the's okay when it's ice cold. I also like dipping oreos in it...but alas, I have no oreos and wouldn't do it if I did.

D has been telling me for WEEKS that I need to drink some kind of protein shake or something after I work out. I've seen his nasty ass protein shakes. I'm not going there and I refused. Who can down something so thick and sugary and all those different flavors? I'll keep taking my vitamins and eating cereal and call it a day. That is until I woke up.

I decided there was a reason my muscles were sore and just coming off of it during the week we had off. I jumped in yesterday and decided to do research. Turns out, as usual (and as I really did know in the back of my mind) I do need SOMETHING.

I read this article: Drink Your Milk!

If you don't have time to read the article, the basic premise is this: 
According to a study published in Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise, women who drank two large glasses of fat-free milk after lifting weights gained more muscle and lost more fat than women who drank sugar-based energy drinks. Scientists also found they increased their lean body mass and got stronger.

This is a recent study! I love this stuff!

How stupid could I be to truly believe that my body could handle all of the extra weight PLUS all of the running, jumping, resistance and weight lifting I was doing? Especially, ALL AT ONCE when I've never in my life done it before?! Even the most athletic people have to drink something to help their bodies recover. What an ego maniac I was!

As I'm typing this, I just finished my milk. It wasn't so bad. =)

Right now I'm drinking 1% but I am guessing I'm going to have to go down to skim soon. I'm going to try the 1% for a week, see what happens. Then try the skim, see what happens in the 2nd week. THEN I'm going to POSSIBLY try muscle milk LIGHT (I love that they have light). We'll see, I want to make sure I'm not adding too many calories for something I absolutely abhor, yet I also want to keep my body healthy.

Today in boot camp we had 5 people. It's crazy! The class before has 20 girls easily! I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't mind. Less people to compete with and W is able to show us each individual attention. I'm imagining though that throughout the week, some of the regulars will be back and ready to go. I can't wait. =) I miss F and Y! (F is on vaca).

It was crazy...all I could think about was my first day of boot camp exactly 5 weeks ago. How I cried, how I whined, how I yearned to stop and did more than anyone my body gave out on me and most of all? How hard everything was.

W took me to the side today and told me that this session he is going to expect more of me. I think I expect more of myself too. I'm not sure...but I really believe I do. He wants me to push through the burn and the pain so I can come out feeling great. I know what that feels like, I've done it before. The process is murderous. I already feel like I'm dying sometimes when I do it but I know that I could give more. On a scale of 1-5 today I rated my effort at a 4.

On our morning jog though, I was able to run longer than ever before. Still not up to par with some of the vets, but I'm getting there. =)

I just feel good knowing that this time I was nowhere NEAR tears! I left boot camp once again feeling victorious and happy.

Alrighty, time for weigh-in.

In five weeks I have officially lost 16 pounds. It may not seem like much, or it may seem like a lot. I don't care. I'm doing all that I can exercise wise and also food wise. I am not starving myself, I'm eating. I am not doing something so unrealistic that I can't keep it up. Progress comes slowly and I can't imagine being that girl 5 weeks ago who couldn't do a few push ups.

Thank you guys for all of your love, support and checking in on me! Your comments and emails mean the world to me. TRULY they inspire me and push me!

Love love love you!


  1. Kris 16 lbs is excellent !! I can remember when u first began bootcamp u said can these 4 wks go by now so I dont' have to deal? Remember? Look at you now <3 So very happy for you & proud of you :)
    Now I hate milk also ACK but I drink skim. Not bad. However what kind of cereal do you eat? I have been eating Multi grain cheerios? Not sure if you mentioned it in the past weeks. Things crazy here dad in hosp but trying to do the right thing & not junk eat on the go.. So if ya get a chance could you let me know? Thanks Dahling you r a Hot tamale <3 LYM Rosanne

  2. WTG sis! 16lbs is AWESOME and you can see it!! Such a 180 from your first day of the last boot camp. lol Keep it up! Love you!

  3. Hey mama!! So excited to hear you've lost 16lbs!! That is soooo awesome!!!

    Not sure if you've tried Skim Plus as a milk selection, but its my favorite milk, it has extra protein and is not so "watery"


  4. Melli! I have not tried that. Thanks so much for the heads up! I'm gonna do a bit of research on that and skim milk, cuz this 1% I don't think is going to help as much as skim, so this Skim Plus sounds like a great medium. =) Thank you!

  5. Kristin, just wanted to let you in on something I've found helpful. When I needed to switch from 2% to 1% Milk, I would mix half of one with half of the other to get used to the taste to ease myself into the lighter milk. Maybe this will help you with getting used to Skim Milk.

  6. Such a helpful tip Nzinga. Thank you lovely! I think I'm gonna try that next week =)